January 24, 2021

Candy crush saga friends mod

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A few of our users are reporting they are required to reach 335,000 points as opposed to the 120000 that we had to complete. We’ve asked a few friends to see what their requirements are and it seems theirs is also 120000. However, if you are seeing 335000 points, contact us with what device you’re using and what version Candy Crush you’re on and we’ll replicate it and create a tutorial for that version also.



Tip #1
Get rid of the chocolates as soon as you can. This is the most important task and should be done prior to focusing on the locked candies. How efficiently you can dispatch the chocolates will determine your success in level 65.

Tip #2
Ignore the center of the board, unless you are sure you can make a color bomb readily. If not, focus on the chocolates.

Tip #3
Keep an eye (or two) open for striped/wrapped candy combos to clear as much of the board as you can. Likewise, look for color bomb striped combos.

Tip #4
Spend your time (when you’re not focusing on blowing up chocolate) planning big match combos. 3 matches and pairs are not going to give you enough points to reach the points requirement.

Tip #5
Work your way from the bottom up. If you work on the bottom rows, you get the benefit of the cascading effect. What this means is if you clear bottom rows, candies will fall down from above and that increases the chance of unintentional matches which will give you more points without you having to waste additional moves.

Tip #6
The locked candy is a vital aspect to winning this level. Besides the chocolate, this is the next most crucial part of the level. After you successfully manage the chocolates, turn your attention into the locked candies.

Below you will find a video I’ve embedded that will help you visualize some of the tips mentioned above. There is still a luck factor involved when playing this game, but if you apply the tips from the video and the guide above, you should clear this stage in short order! Additionally, if you have any other tips or suggestions on how to clear this stage, feel free to leave a comment or contact us with a guide and we will add it to this guide

Stars Guide
To get 1 star, you must obtain at least 120000 points
To get 2 stars, you must obtain at least 220000 points
To get 3 stars, you must obtain 310000 points

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