January 25, 2021


crawling and creeping

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No need to be hurry to walk, for your babies. It is not all about how quickly your child walks but it is about how much he learns before walking that will help in the physical, academic and social development to be well. If your babies acquirethis opportunity before walking, he will get the best start of his life.


It begins once the strength has developed in the upper bodies of the baby so that he can pull himself forward. It is usually between 7 to 9 months, depending on the environment and child. Baby reaches a new level of development in brain when he figures out such way of movement. More mature creeping movement pattern preceded by neuro-development stage that develops later in the first year of the baby. But the problem occurs that your young one doesn’t develop the sense of safety in his early developmental stages. When he has once learnt how to crawl, he will keep on crawling without knowing and taking care of all the hurdles in his way.

crawler and creeping

Parents are always worried about their children because when they are playing they will move around and play. There one toy can be at one place and the other may be at the other corner of the house. So in order to get that toy they move around or may hurt themselves.

That is why babyseaters portable playpen is one of the most wanted products by the parents now a days. Because this portable playpen keeps all the toys of your young ones at a place and also gives enough space for your babies to crawl.


  • Tummy crawling is important for babies because:
  • They are learning and observing space and time.
  • In their feet, arches are developing.
  • In preparation of creeping, they learn the coordination of bodies and limbs.
  • They are finding out two sides of their body and how to balance the body in the movement.
  • How to use arms, legs, hands and feet is preparation of climbing, jumping and walking.
  • They are developing visual skills.
  • Hundreds of touch and positional messages are stimulating that are guiding and signaling them about their tummies and limbs.



When babies lift their tummies off the floor and their body is set free to stand on their hands and knees, the next level of brain development comes. At the same time approximately, they starts to sit up, pull to stand and stream around furniture.

It is important to understand, when babies are developmentally ready then they will sit up themselves. The sit upright usually occurs when muscles strength is well developed in baby’s legs, arms, back and shoulders. Also the brains have matured to the point where important reflexes that help in healthy development of the posture, balance, movement and stability. This usually happens when baby starts to creep, sit up after applying force through hand and knees.


  • With hand on one side and knee on the other exactly at the same time, babies are observing and learning to balance the two sides of the body.
  • Babies are acquiring muscle development, especially of hands, so developing of fine motor skills.
  • They are learning different concepts such that far or near, up or down, on or off, in or out and for future movement skills many of these concepts are important.
  • More primitive reflexes are integrated by creeping.
  • Babies are learning to make a fine vision.

Babies want their parents to entertain them and they are those babies who cannot move forward and get bored quickly.



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