January 25, 2021

Mornington chiropractor Services

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Mornington chiropractor

This is how we provide fast-pain relief for our patients in the office. Although we “fixed the problem” and got the patient out of pain, it really did not fix the problem completely. You see even though we removed the subluxation and fixed the muscles we still need to address what the caused the subluxation in the first place and get to the bottom of the problem. So even though it may have appeared as simple as I slept funny last night, the real problem is much, much more. For example, let’s say the patient works at a computer for 8 hours a day (like most of my Federal employees) and then has a one hour commute back home each day. This poor posture that is promoted in both of these positions causes a forward head carriage (head drooped forward) and the shoulders rounded forward putting stress on fthe joints, muscles and nerves in the neck. Then let’s say the patient tries to be “healthy” by going to the gym for a hour and does upper exercises for his chest and arms because thats what he sees everyone else doing and reads about in a Men’s health. This further puts additional stress on his neck my causing his shoulders to round forward even more and the forward head carriage to get worse. Now this occurs day in and day out until finally the stress on neck is so great from a bad sleeping position that the nerves, joints and muslces get irritated so much that you feel pain and can’t turn your head. So in your day to day activities can relate to this scenario and routine that I just described?

If so, there is a way to stop the endless cycle and prevent these “random” problems from developing. Many of my patients realize after two or three episodes if they come in once or twice a month they can prevent these problems from developing. I always tell my patients that it is completely your choice how much chiropractic care you receive but in my opinion if you receive regular treatments it will help prevent problems from developing and help you live a pain-free, active lifestyle.


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