January 25, 2021

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All in one seo pack is one of most downloaded plugins of WordPress. It actually is very good for complete SEO of your blog. But it needs some options to be selected at one’s. Once you select them, same setting is used for all the articles. Very less work is left. In this article, I suggest you to use SEO pack with following options. Also, I have tried to explain the reason behind doing that.



checklist for all in one seo pack plugin of wordpress

Here is a small WordPress Tutorial about AIOSP.

1. Download and Install All in One SEO Pack plugin.

2. Activate the plugin and go to setting page of the plugin by WordPress Login -> Setting -> All in One SEO.

3. Set Plugin status “Enabled”.

4. In Home Title text box enter title for your home page in this box.

This will appear on Title Bar of your web browser. Search engines show this title in search result to readers. So, it must be catchy enough to grab users attention within list of searches.

5. In Home Description box, write a brief about your site. The text must be about 160 character long.

This will appear in the meta tag of your blog’s home page. This must contain main keywords of your blog. Write it in sentence format.

6. Similar to Description, write main keywords here.

These keywords become part of your home page in melta keyword tag. Be sure to use only those keywords which are part of your home page. Otherwise, it can lead to penalty from search engines.

7. Check Rewrite Titles.

By checking this option you have enabled the option to rewrite the Title tag of each page you post.

8. Now next few options are various URL formats. Keep them to default. These options are desirable.

9. Check option “Use categories for meta keywords”.

This will make category of page as one of the keywords. Almost in all the cases category is very good keyword.

10. Now check on following options.

Dynamically Generate Keywords for Post Pages.

Use noindex for categories.

Use noindex for Archives.

Use noindex for Tag Archives.

Capitalize Category Title.

Most of these options will save you from duplicate content issue.

That’s all For Current All In One SEO Pack.

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