October 18, 2021

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Exposure Of  Your Rich Content

At News Of The Hour, we welcome posts of high-quality in perfect written English from genuine and professional bloggers and writers contributing to a wide range of diverse topics we cover.

Write-For-us-ExposureIn return, we offer the assurance of increased exposure of your rich content across a wide group of the target readers. At News of the Hour, we aim to witness the traffic of thousands of readers who are interested across a diverse range of topics covering technology, education, lifestyle, home/living, business services, entertainment, health and many more. Therefore, if you have the knack of writing excellently in the given industry range, you can reach out to us right away to become an influential contributor to our portal.

Create awareness of new developments, trends, products, services and so forth to inspire and amaze our readership.

News Of The Hour is an established lifestyle blog – a component of the vast ClickDo Blog Network and is aimed at providing well-researched, informative content to readers all across the globe. If you wish your name to be published on our portal as a blogger or author, you can contact us right away to get an idea of how you can contribute to the portal.

What We Accept


News Of The Hour is a leading lifestyle blog that is dedicated to providing access to world-class posts on various topics. We will accept your guest contributions as a writer only if:

  • You provide rich-quality content that is relevant to the industry and well-researched
  • You provide high-quality content that is unique and not copied from anywhere
  • You provide content that is not published anywhere else and written in perfect English
  • You provide fresh ideas & new perspectives on the given range of topics
  • You are passionate about writing and conduct in a professional manner

What We Do NOT Accept


Being a reliable, legitimate source of valuable information for our readers, we do not accept your contribution if:

  • Your content has been published elsewhere
  • You provide spun or copied content
  • You do not abide by the specific terms & conditions of the portal

Submit Your Article

You are welcome to contribute posts or articles if they are a good match for the main categories on our blog. Our editorial team will decide whether your topic suggestions fit naturally with one of the given categories, including technology, education, lifestyle, home/living, business services, entertainment, health and many more. News Of The Hour reserves the right to refuse to publish articles that don’t meet our guidelines and criteria.

Feel free to reach out to our expert team of editorial professionals who are willing to offer their advice.