June 16, 2024

Different Types of Addons in ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin

different types of addons

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ARMember membership plugin for WordPress is a one-stop shop when it comes to giving you the most effective, fully functional, fully integrated membership site. With everything from content management to restriction, membership management to a wealth of subscription plans, this plugin has more add-ons than most similar specification sites combined.

different types of addons

Types of Add-on features on the ARMember Plugin

  • You get direct login features, no hustle, no redirections, headaches, everything free and clear, easy and it saves you a ton of time.
  • Third party affiliates are also on the list of cool add-ons you get here, with integration email marketing platforms allowing you to effectively manage payouts.
  • You also get digital download capabilities, which is quick and more efficient.
  • Seamless WordPress integration is also one of the most sought after add-on for any membership site, ARMember makes it work like a charm.
  • This plugin gives you gateway integration into payment platforms such as Paypal, Mollie payment. What this does, essentially, is to ensure all your monetary transactions are run through trusted platforms, are documented, and they reach you as soon as the client settles an invoice.
  • Integration into your active campaigns, integration into woocommerce; the list is endless.

Unique add-on features

  • All payments from your users are recorded in the plugin. Makes for good record keeping. Memberships are also automatically renewed immediately after payment, which saves time and prevents any kind of confusion
  • The member management system is top-of-the-line. This makes member interactions more personalized, and it makes it easier to keep track of activities on site.
  • High safety levels based on content restriction that is set based on membership levels. Content blocks ensure access to content for premium members differs substantially from that of free and trial memberships, and it also prevents unauthorized users from accessing content without following the proper procedure.membership plugin
  • It also provides easy sign ups and logins, password reset capability, advanced form builders with drag and drop properties, and you can also set an avatar among other cool customization options on the plugin.
  • A single shortcode allows you to have your preferred payment gateway, your forms (registration), and your subscription plans integrated onto your site with this plugin. This means that everything is within reach, everything can be accessed fast, and your clients don’t have to go through the headache of going through your entire site just to find something.
  • Built-in anti-spam. You don’t have to worry about constantly having to physically delete every spam email.
  • The interface offers either full or partial access restrictions on content. This can be based on posts, special pages, navigation areas, custom posts or even specific pages. You want complete control of your content to be the first priority when you set up a membership site. Your content is your most prized possession here.
  • Translation capabilities also come attached to this plugin. It’s ready to use, and it can translate to any language.
  • Membership updates have also become simple and quick. With the click of a button you will be able to switch from free to premium without having to fill forms all over again.
  • It is also compatible with any WordPress theme. It blends perfectly with anything you throw at it.

Premium features

  • You can actually have multiple memberships. Users now have a system that supports having more than one membership.
  • You also get a social connect facility that allows you access via twitter, Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. You can now integrate your site to any of these social media platforms and get the full experience.
  • To improve convenience, members now have the ability to choose from a variety of payment cycles. Some members may be comfortable with monthly payments, others want to pay on weekly or yearly basis. The ARMember plugin now allows your users the luxury of choosing which plan works for them.
  • This plugin also offers ready-made templates to help you build your profile. There are many options to choose from and you can customize your avatar to suit you.
  • User rewards are also some of the great ways you can use to keep your members happy and drive traffic to your site all at the same time. With badges, coupons, discount and achievement awards, you can motivate users to improve their membership levels. This will make more people want to join your site.
  • An automated content dripping feature is also key. This plugin allows you not only to restrict who sees your content, it also creates a system where your content stays fresh by releasing it on a strict, well planned out schedule.
  • You also get the advantage of a developer friendly API. This provides constant developer support for your site with over 150 action hooks. You can get developer support if you want to improve or extend your site functionality, one that meets your standards and is specific to your requirements.
  • The sign up page can also be configured to include sales tax agreements and enable you to develop invoices as well.
  • Lastly, third party integration with email marketing software is a very important component if you want the best premium features to a complete package. This is achieved using an inbuilt opt-in integration platform.

Final Thought

ARMember WordPress membership plugin is the full-featured way to ensure your site is at full operating capacity. It leaves nothing to chance by ensuring you have total and complete control of your content, it ensures your users get the best service, and it helps monetize your site.

Once you get the hang of it, you can merge all these advantages and create a site that creates a feeling of community, makes users feel like a family, like they belong, while simultaneously providing quality content that makes them keep coming back.

Lastly, it is important to note that membership sites are a long term endeavor, so the content has to be constantly quality. Most people won’t pay for content if they think they can get it somewhere else for free, so you have to ensure that your users get what they pay for.


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