May 18, 2024

Advantages Of Working From Home For The Environment And Individual


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Around the world, about 70% of workers work from home at least once every week. There is a considerable shift towards flexible workplaces and telecommuting. Working from home jobs are becoming more popular and people are looking for a more flexible lifestyle by working remotely from their home office.

The benefits to the employee are many and rather obvious. What is not so overt is the benefits to the environment caused by this change of work culture.

Let us look at some of the huge benefits that accrue to both the employees and the environment when going to work means logging on to your laptop and connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Why Adopt A Remote Working Strategy?

Lowered Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The most significant benefit of working from home is not having to travel. In most developed countries, travel is invariably in a car. That means at least several hundred thousand vehicles are off the roads on weekdays.

The net result? Fewer emissions of harmful greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. Transportation accounts for 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The move to a more viable system has to be evolved, and the first step is remote working.

If a few employees telecommute, that is not enough. Once it rises to 10% or more, then the effects would become visible.

Reduced Energy Consumption

If employees are not coming to work, it means HVAC systems can be run at lower capacity utilization. Not only does that mean less electricity is being used but it helps by protecting the environment.

Modern office buildings consume massive amounts of energy. There are computers and air conditioning machines as well as water purifiers and coffee machines that run continuously. It also needs more water, more cleaning, and more of every form of resource.

At the end of the day, it adds up to a rather impressive amount of energy.

Lower Use Of Gasoline

Over a billion liters of fuel are used by motorists driving to work every day. If that was reduced by a small fraction, then the savings could be used in myriad of other ways by the individual, firm, and economy as a whole.

Any reduction in expenditure inevitably reduces the carbon footprint. From reducing gasoline use to paper at the office, there is a boon to all through telecommuting.

Greater Flexibility Of Hours

Many tasks do not require face to face interaction. Even if it does that is not daily. There is no reason that in an era of working with software, why an employee cannot work from home and enjoy more freedom.

After all, it is the perfect way to look after a young toddler and pack in a yoga session at lunchtime.

More than ever, millennials are drawn to this home business lifestyle because of its benefits. Keeping an employee tied to their desk and making them attend endless meetings that go nowhere is the surest way to ensure burnout.

More Productivity

Happier workers are more productive workers. Not only does remote working shave off at least 1 hour of commute per day, but it allows employees to take life a little easier. There is no need to rush through the morning routine of pancakes and orange juice.

A life that unfolds at a leisurely pace can produce more focus and thus better work quality. An improvement in work-life balance nearly always helps both the employee and the business.

Working from home is the future

Climate change is upon us. It is no longer a nightmare waiting to happen but already happening. From wildfires in Australia to record summer temperatures throughout France in 2019 with temperatures reaching 40° C in many places, it cannot be ignored.

There is a possibility that a considerable shift in our consumption pattern could probably save the planet. Working and earning from home is a wonderful way to be involved in that possibility.

And if you want to take it into your own hands, learn more about starting your own online business or learning cyber skills so you can work from home flexibly by reading the remote work guide.



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