May 18, 2024
Ways To Convert MKV to MP4

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Videos are an indispensable part of our daily routine. We use video for entertainment on TV, PC, Imacs, iPhones, Symbian phones, android phones, etc. The videos can be for entertainment, advertisement, learning, and work cooperation through video calls. Whatever your background you have streamed or used, a video is vital to your life.

Videos come in many file formats. The most common video formats are AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, WMV, and MKV. The video formats are meant to optimize different video components and make them suitable for specific uses like streaming, video testing, or just viewership. A video format is a container that stores the metadata, subtitles, video, and audio file of a video. Another term you may need to be familiar with is a video codec, which is how multimedia like audio and video are encoded and decoded.

Convert MKV to MP4


Matroska Video File or MKV is a free file extension named after the Russian nesting dolls. The Matroska Multimedia Container is an open standard container video format that can hold an unlimited number of pictures, videos, subtitles, and audio in one track. The video format is standard for multimedia formats like movies and TV shows, divided into chapters, and often have subtitles.

An MKV file can incorporate subtitles video files in one container even if it has different encodings. You can have the video file encoded in H264 while the audio is encoded in MP3 or AAC audio. The video format is built to be robust, future proof, and support many file systems. The file format is free; hence anyone can use it without a license and engage in its development.

Since MKV is not an industry-standard, few video players support it. Popular free players like. You can add functionality to video players that do not support MKV format by downloading codecs to support the video player. The downside of downloading codecs may bundle in crapware or malware that may affect your computer. It file formats are .mkv, .mk3d, .mka, and .mks. Learn More about how to compress mov.

MKV Advantages

  • MKV always have small file sizes and high video resolution hence providing quality space and saving disk space
  • It is easy to upload the file format to online portals due to its small sizes.
  • Can hold an unlimited number of file formats
  • As an open-source project, it supports a wide variety of codec.
  • It is non-proprietary hence can be used without the need for licensing.
  • Have online streaming compatibility
  • Chapter, menu, and metadata support
  • Subtitle support both hard-coded and soft coded
  • Fast seeking

MKV Disadvantages

  • It gets corrupted easily from malware and bugs.
  • Many video players do not support it.
  • Most TVs do not support MKV.


MP4 is the industry standard for video quality and is supported on multiple devices and software. The video format has been in use since 2001 and supports almost all digital platforms and everyday devices. An MP4 file can store audio files, video files, text information, and still images. MP4 files give high video and audio quality while saving storage.

The format has become an industry standard and supports almost all operating systems. There are several media players even on radios that support the file format. It has broad support across handheld devices like video players and gaming devices. It supports a wide range of hardware like DVD players and the Sony PSP.

MP4 conversion

The MP4 file format has been revised to meet most international specifications in 2001 and 2003. MP4 can be used as a base for other file formats like 3GP, Motion JPEG, M4a, M4b, M4v, and M4r. The video file can support streaming.

MP4 Advantages

  • MP4 supports multiple bits of data from audio-video, images, and text.
  • It is compatible with low bandwidth and can transmit on low bandwidth.
  • Enjoys support across devices and operating systems
  • MP4 is designed to store MPEG 4 format hence less overhead costs
  • The format enhances high-resolution content by using the latest H264 codec.
  • The format gives flexibility on how data is stored.
  • It used the Advanced Video Coding (AVC) technology and the Advanced Audio Coding(AAC) to improve the older audio format container.
  • MP4 has higher video quality compared to DVD but lower than MOV
  • The video format is susceptible to corruption but can be easily repaired.

MP4 file conversion

Why You Need To Convert To Convert From MKV to MP4

As from the discussion above, it’s clear that MKV is a robust format designed for the future as an open-source project that keeps growing. It is, however, not supported by most devices and operating systems. It is advisable to convert to the MP4 folder to enjoy your video file. Converting to MP4 keeps your video file from corruption.

Easy File Conversion

Converting from MKV to MP4 is simple if you know the right way to convert. Wondershare Uniconverter gives an easy interface to convert your video on Wondershare UniConverter or Wondershare Online Video Converter in three easy steps.

Convert Using Wondershare UniConverter

Step 1: Add the videos.

Launch the Wondershare converter app on your computer and select the video converter category. Click the Add Files icon from the right window, and import the MKV video(s) you want to convert.

Step 2: Choose the MP4 file format.

Click on the Output Format menu from the bottom section of the main screen, pick the  Video tab. Select the MP4 format and select the resolution from the right.

Step 3: Convert the Videos.

Make sure the High-Speed Conversion button  at the right corner is selected, pick the file location you want and click convert( Or Start All for multiple files)

Convert Using Wondershare Online Video Converter

Step 1: Add the MKV video(s).

Launch the Wondershare online Converter. Click the + button to browse and add the MKV file(s) from your computer or drag and drop them. You can only add two files at a time.

Step 2: Choose the MP4 file format.

Choose MP4 format from the drop-down icon beside the Convert All Files button. Alternatively, you can select the MP4 format for each file.

Step 3: Convert the Videos.

Click the convert button and allow the file to convert. Download your new converted button.

Wondershare has more than 10 years of history providing conversions to the user. It is reliable, fast, and easy to use. The unit converter has useful functions: Download online videos, Record video, Compress video, and Edit video.

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