May 17, 2024

6 Important Tips to Design Eco-Friendly Bakery Boxed Packaged Goods


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With the recent developments in the boxed packaging field, Kraft material has taken over the other packaged goods industry.

So, you can see this material in every production niche where products need packaging. It provides endless benefits to the product manufacturers and customers.

Due to this enormous growth, the boxed packaged goods niche has become a billion-dollar industry. But the food industry is the biggest consumer of this material because research has found that Kraft is the best material to pack food items.

Because of these facts, people prefer these eco-friendly wrappings, and their demand is boomingly high. Bakery boxes are also made with Kraft material. You will have seen eco-friendly Kraft Bakery Boxes in supermarkets. Sustainability is the prime quality of this material which ensures environmental friendliness that attracts the customers.

If you own a bakery or are looking forward to starting a food business, you should read this article. It offers tips that will help you to make fine-quality bakery boxes that will increase your business’s credibility in the market and attach more people to your bakery business.

1. Select Fine Grade Material for your boxed packaged Goods

Select Fine Grade MaterialUsually, we see that bakery items are a little sensitive as compared to other food items. They demand rigid food packaging. When you focus on making a bakery box, you should select a thick-grade material because it can bear pressure and protect the packed goods.

You can see various grades of Kraft material are available in the market. It is commonly used for food boxes, but some products like burgers, chicken wraps, and fries do not demand thick-grade material for wrapping.

In contrast, bakery items like cakes, pastries, and cookies are sensitive items, and they need rigid boxes for packing purposes. If the bakery owners compromise on the packaging, customers will switch to other brands, which is a negative point for any business.

2. Check the boxed Packages Durability and Reliability

durability-and-reliability-of-boxed-packaged-goodsBakery owners usually place bigger orders for packaging. They do so to save their time and money. On the bigger orders, they get a discount from the packaging supplier, which benefits their business. So, before placing a bulk order, you need to check the durability and reliability of the bakery box. It should be of fine quality so you can rely on it.

Several ideas of reliability and durability tests are available online that can help you in this regard. Other than these tests, you can conduct a pilot project to check the results and public response.

Once you are done with these tests and are sure about the quality, you can place bigger orders. It would be best if you made changes in the box to increase the durability factor.

3. Ensure the Boxed Packaged Goods Health Benefits

health-benefits-of-boxed-packaged-goodsAs you are making the packaging box for food items, try to make it beneficial for health. Although Kraft material does not harm health, still secondary material can be harmful.

Some bakery boxes need secondary packaging, and they should complement the theme of the Kraft material. Use butter paper rather than using plastic sheets. Butter paper is the best option to use as secondary packaging.

Make sure that no printed portion of the box touches the product because printing ink contains carbon and other chemicals, which causes health problems. Moreover, they ruin the product’s look and change its taste. As a bakery owner, you should pay attention to this aspect. It will help your business.

4. Try to Offer a Glance of the Product Packed Inside

how-to-create-boxed-packaged-goodsSome bakery products like cookies are packed in air-tight packaging to increase their life. Environmental factors like air, humidity, and moisture are harmful to these products. So, air-sealed wrapping helps to protect the products from these factors and increases their life span.

A customer cannot see the product because it is tightly packed, and they cannot open it. Which gives an off look to the product, and the customer avoids purchasing the product.

For this purpose, bakeries ask to add a display window in the bakery box. It provides a glance at the product to the customer. By seeing the product’s shape and size, a customer gets a better understanding of the product and is more likely to purchases it.

As a bakery owner, make sure that this transparent portion protects the goods from germs and complements the whole theme of the packaging box.

5. Make Sure it is Business Friendly

Make Sure it is Business Friendly - Eco-Friendly Kraft Bakery BoxesBakery owners check several aspects of packaging. They choose a bakery box that is eco-friendly, health-friendly, and business-friendly at the same time. They know that packaging plays a vital role in brand building. Bakery owners want to make a good reputation for their business in the market to boost their sales.

For this purpose, they add their business identity to the packaging box. This information tells people about the brand and promotes their business. Adding their bakery’s logo, tagline, and slogan tells people about their bakery business and increases their revenue.

6. Print Relevant Graphics on your boxed packaged Goods

Print Relevant GraphicsDifferent bakeries produce different baked goods, and that is why they need a box with the perfect size. When going to package your bakery products in foam or plastic containers for shipping purposes, you should always make sure it has enough room so these items can be displayed correctly.

Using the right box for a product can lead to increased sales and profitability. This is why it’s so important that, in order to make your bakery successful, you should print relevant graphics on packaging boxes. You may be wondering what would constitute “relevant” when talking about marketing materials – but there are many ways this could manifest itself.

For example, if you’re selling pizza or cake (or both), then using their respective boxes as packaging material will help customers know exactly which item they’ll find inside of each one without even opening them up first; with just a glance at the sides of an open box top from across the room, people might be able to tell whether they want pepperoni slices or frosting decoration today!


This is a great way to save money and we encourage a green lifestyle! You can design your own eco-friendly Kraft Bakery boxes that are customized just for your needs with Stampa Prints to get Custom Kraft Boxes at a Wholesale Rate. Custom printing services are offered in addition to wholesale pricing on any order and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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