May 18, 2024

New to Influencer Marketing? Have an Influencer Marketing Agency Help You?

New to Influencer Marketing - Have an Influencer Marketing Agency Help You - Have an Influencer Marketing Agency Help You

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Influencer marketing has evolved from a marketing fad into a significant piece of marketing spend. As people spend more of their time on social media, influencer marketing offers brands the opportunity to natively target consumers. But, influencer marketing campaigns and initiatives require careful planning and consideration. Working with an influencer marketing agency can ensure your influencer activity targets the right audiences, with the right influencer and keeps your brand essence alive.

So, how can an influencer marketing agency help you get a foothold in the influencer marketing space?

Have an Influencer Marketing Agency Help You?

Influencer marketing agencies are specialists within their field. They have years of experience and thousands of previous campaigns in their insight arsenal. Using this valuable experience, data, and insight, influencer marketing agencies know how to create unique and impactful campaigns that are relevant to clients, audiences, and platforms.

Influencer marketing campaigns not only allow brands to humanise themselves and connect with audiences, but give them a chance to be creative. Influencer marketing agencies conceptualise and eventually activate bespoke creative campaigns that engage audiences across social media. With a creative campaign and call to action, audiences will be enticed into purchasing, researching, downloading or whatever the ultimate campaign outcome is.

Have an Influencer Marketing Agency Help You

Influencer marketing agencies also have access to influencer platforms and databases. These tools can help them discover the influencers with the right audience size, following demographics and psychographics, and engagement rate for your campaigns. Not only that, but they can conduct rigorous research into influencers to ensure they won’t be a PR risk—they will check for previous social media scandals or general reckless behaviour that could pose a threat to your brand image. This research will ensure that all influencer partnerships are authentic and will generate the lasting results your brand deserves.

Once your influencers have been identified and approved by you, influencer marketing agencies will handle all influencer outreach and communications. From initial contract negotiations and agreement, to content briefing, amendments and initial approvals, you can trust these responsibilities will be in safe and capable hands, allowing you to continue with other business operations. No content will be published without your final approval, but all initial content will go through a preliminary review by the influencer agency.

Following this, influencer marketing agencies will manage all content distribution and posting calendars. They will ensure content is ready to be posted on time with the appropriate captions and tags. In addition, agencies will monitor initial post engagement and success. If a piece of content isn’t performing as well as expected, influencer agencies will use paid media to boost content to broader audiences.

Arguably one of the most important responsibilities for influencer marketing agencies is campaign reporting and analysis. Once a campaign is complete, influencer marketing agencies will pull together a comprehensive report and analysis of the campaign. This will include all achievements and KPI results presented in a digestible format. These reports not only inform you on the exact results achieved, but will also communicate any improvements that could be made for future campaigns.

Influencer Marketing Agency

Influencer marketing is an incredibly important marketing strategy in today’s social-first environment. Consumers are wary and untrusting of branded content; utilising influencers means brands can bypass this distrust by taking advantage of the existing trust between an influencer and their audience. Audiences trust an influencer’s recommendations and customer loyalty rewards and are responsive to sponsored content.

Influencer marketing helps brands seem more authentic on social media. Authenticity is in high demand from consumers nowadays; influencer marketing can satiate this, but only if done correctly. Working with influencers who aren’t aligned with your brand values or messaging will be seen as ingenuine and can be detrimental to your influencer marketing efforts.

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