June 16, 2024

How Inspection Affects the Business?


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Property management deals with making sure that the property is well-maintained and properly taken care of. It will be hard to close a deal if the property you are offering is damaged. Tenants will make sure that they get what they paid for. Before putting a property on lease or on rent, make sure that you have conducted a thorough inspection on the property.

Before the tenants move it, make sure that they will not be disappointed. Check if the unit is properly maintained. Paint the unit if necessary and have it cleaned. Make sure that everything is in working condition. Inspection of doors and windows is also a must. You are also responsible in making sure that the tenant is secured so you must check if the doors have good locks. Roof should be free from leaks and that there are no missing slates on it. Plumbing should also be inspected. Make sure that you have fire safety device also such as smoke detectors.


Move-in inspection is necessary. Property manager and the tenant should go over the property. Tenant should be vocal in saying what he/she thinks need some further repairs. This is crucial and it would be best if both of you will have a list of inventory on the things you inspected. Move-in inspection will identify if the damage was before or after the tenant moved in. It will be easy to determine if the tenant is liable in the damage. This is also the best time to get to know the tenant. You will notice if the tenant will care for the property or not. Also, while doing the move-in inspection, you may inform the tenant that they may get in touch with you anytime if there are some problems in the property and if something needs to be repaired.

Inspection of the property does not stop when the tenants move in. Inform the tenants that there will be surprised inspection of the property to make sure that the tenant is taking care of the unit or not. This will also help you determine if the tenant is not following the contract that they signed before they move in. Also, inspection of the unit from time to time will at least allow you to check what needs to be repaired without it being damaged severely. You do not want additional expense on your part. A property manager may plan corrective actions on problems of the property and would implement it in a prompt manner.

A property deteriorates in a couple of years. Maintenance is essential as well as inspection of the property to prevent you from spending too much in repairing for damages. Effective property management will deal with your skills in maintaining the properly in a good condition as well as getting to know the problems that the tenants are having in the property. Inspection will benefit both you and the tenant. Less expense and less work for you and for tenants’ part it will be an ideal place to live in.

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