May 18, 2024

Top 5 Marketing Data Visualisation Tools

Marketing Data Visualisation tools

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According to the recent statistics by IBM, 2.5 million terabytes of data get generated every day. How will your company use the data for planning better marketing strategies and decision-making? That’s where marketing data visualisation tools come into play. These tools help figure out the essential business-critical metrics you can work on, thus ensuring that your marketing strategy works flawlessly. Here are the best tools that you can use for creating marketing data reports:

Marketing Data Visualisation Tools

1. Powermetrics

Powermetrics, the industry-leading marketing intelligence tool for data reporting and visualisation, offers clean and interactive data-driven dashboards for business assistance. Their ‘plug and play’ dashboards are ideal for creating, visualising, and tracking business and marketing data reports in the form of easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and tables, from one place.


Moreover, make necessary iterations on these AI-powered intelligent dashboards yourself without requiring any coding skills. For example, upload all the Google Search Engine optimisation metrics in the ‘Google Search Console Dashboard’ to get a detailed report of your website’s conversion funnel with a breakdown of the number of impressions, URL clicks, and CTR.

Simply put forward your requirements, and the team of experts at Powermetrics data visualisation services will build a customised dashboard to match your specifications.


Businesses that require interactive visualisation of data often use Funnel as an effective data collection tool. If you want to manage large data sets, you can use this data reporting tool that synchronises data to deliver deep insights.

Although it may not provide as many insights as Powermetrics, it manages to keep up with your changing data and provide real-time updates so that you constantly know whether your business is going in the right direction or not. Move all your marketing data to the Supermetrics platform to create accurate and insightful reports for your clients.

3. Infogram


Infogram directly links your real-time marketing data to different types of graphs and charts. The changing data on the graphs give you an idea of how your customers or target audience is reactive to the new marketing campaign. You can add various personalised features in each map, chart, video, and image while preparing marketing reports with Infogram. It also enables you to create infographic data visualisations that can be used in business meetings.

4. Supermetrics

If you want to create automated reports from multiple data sets available in varied formats, Supermetrics is your go-to solution. This BI reporting tool comes with certain features similar to Powermetrics, such as enterprise reporting and marketing analytics.

One advantage of using this tool is that you can take data from various sources and combine them to prepare a single report for better analysis and assessment. This will allow you to see all the metrics in one report, thus allowing you to plan your next business decision accordingly.

5. ChartBlocks

ChartBlocks is ideal for those who are not good with coding. It uses spreadsheets, live feeds, and databases to create interactive charts that are easily understandable. Import data from various sources and convert them to customisable reports. When you find all the required data in one place, you can quickly evaluate the performance of a campaign. It is also compatible with almost any screen size; therefore, you can share the reports instantly with other employees and board members.

Marketing Data Visualisation tools - ChartBlocks

It takes time to implement new marketing strategies. But once you implement them, you would want to see their performances. These advanced AI-based data visualisation services tools provide a clear automated report of how those strategies are performing so that you can meticulously decide how to go about with them for deriving business success. So, choose the best-suited data reporting tool for your business and save time on data collection and reporting!

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