June 16, 2024

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Diamond rings come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. It usually comes down to personal taste, but some people really do prefer bigger diamond rings. So, we thought we’d put together this guide to help you shop for one!

Size Matters To Some

Polished diamonds are exquisite. But there’s something rather enthralling about a high-quality stone above a certain weight. Diamonds of a carat or less are most popular, so it can be hard to find stock of anything over 2 carats. What’s more, the higher up you go in diamond weight, the steeper the pricing gets. Large diamonds for one of the diamond rings New Zealand suppliers offer can be hard to come by.

The trick is to choose a cut that offers lots of sparkle, which can be hard to detect when you’re looking at diamonds larger than 3 or 4 carats. See this diamond cut chart by Ovadia for some inspiration on choosing a diamond with a good cut grade . 

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Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular, but they’re not necessarily the best when it comes to shopping for bigger diamond rings. When it comes to the bigger stones, you’re more likely to come across Asscher and cushion cuts. Emerald cuts may also appear from time to time on larger diamond rings.

The Benefits Of Big Diamond Rings

If you want to choose your preferred piece, then by all means pick a bigger diamond ring! But having a little knowledge can go a long way when shopping around.

Typically, jewellers price diamonds in quarter carats for the smaller stones, but half to full carats for larger stones. Essentially, it means that a diamond of just below 3 carats might well cost the same as a 2.50 carat ring.

It’s not often that a percentage price is applied per carat when it comes to diamond rings. You’re just not going to come across a 3.4 diamond that costs a lot more than a 3-carat diamond.

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Considering The Price

Big diamonds simply won’t be found at bargain prices. While diamond prices certainly fluctuate, the rate of change for smaller diamonds is often rather modest. But bigger diamonds over 5 carats are a different kettle of fish.

Bigger diamonds are costly all round, even for jewellers. The market price varies a great deal, too, depending on supply and demand. That’s why buying a large diamond is a rather lucrative investment. So, if you ever decide to sell the big diamond ring, you’re sure to find it worth more than when you first bought it.

Looking After Your Big Diamond

Once you’ve chosen your big diamond ring, be sure to look after it. Make sure it is properly insured and clean it regularly. While large diamonds are certainly robust, especially around the girdle, they are usually of an oblong cut and that means there are four corners that risk getting chipped.

Keep in mind that bigger diamond rings probably aren’t appropriate for everyday wear. There’s just too much risk of damage and once a diamond is damaged, it can’t be repaired. It can be recut, but then you’ll get a smaller diamond than what you originally bought.

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When it comes to cleaning your diamond, use a soft toothbrush and warm water mixed with a mild detergent. Gently brush the diamond and then wipe it clean using a soft, lint-free cloth.

Bigger diamonds are stunning for special occasions and make excellent investments, just make sure your do your homework before committing to a purchase!

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