May 18, 2024

Clever outside storage solutions stop mobility scooter theft

Outdoor storage sheds to prevent theft

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Are your residents concerned about the theft of their mobility scooters? Are you being asked to provide safe storage? If so, metroSTOR might be able to help with our range of outside storage sheds.

Mobility scooters are high-value items and as a result they can be a target for theft. According to police data, the total value of mobility scooters stolen in 2015 was £615,730. However, possibly even more important than the financial cost is the immediate negative impact that a theft will have on the quality of life of someone with limited mobility. Getting a replacement scooter can be a lengthy process, which can leave a vulnerable person without convenient or appropriate mobility for some time.

How can mobility scooter theft be prevented?

The good news is that there are several preventative actions available to owners of mobility scooters and Mobility scooter theft preventionalso to councils and housing associations whose residents store them. Relatively simple actions for owners to discourage scooter theft include:

Using a wheel clamp or lock
This is a simple and cheap measure to try to prevent scooter theft, but it obviously relies on the owner having enough mobility to bend down etc to fit the lock. Another drawback is that these locks can sometimes be broken into relatively easy, or the scooter lifted away with the lock still in place to be removed later.

Fitting a scooter alarm
A slightly more expensive option is to fit a motion-detecting alarm to the scooter, which will hopefully – but not necessarily – either deter a would-be thief or result in someone stopping the theft.

Fitting a tracker
And even more expensive once again is fitting a tracking device that uses a GPS signal to identify the location of the scooter. Obviously, though, this doesn’t prevent the huge inconvenience to the owner of losing their scooter – it just helps to ensure the scooter is returned to its rightful owner in due course.

Registering the scooter
Another way to ensure that a stolen scooter is returned to its owner – but not prevent the theft – is to register it with the National Mobility Register, which costs a one-off payment of £35.

Marking or tagging
Similar to registration, this will hopefully help to reunite a stolen scooter with its owner in the event of being recovered by the police.

So, it’s clear that these measures will have varying levels of success in deterring a scooter theft, and several of them are unlikely to prevent a theft at all. This is where securely locking the mobility scooter out of sight in a shed or garage becomes invaluable.

Why an outside shed works miracles?

MetroSTOR offers secure outside storage for mobility scooters that is specifically designed for the purpose. These sheds are a unique and effective way of protecting mobility scooters from thieves, vandals and the weather. Our scooter storage combines convenience with security, and has a distinct advantage over other anti-theft devices because the scooter is completely enclosed and out of sight.

It is important to remember that even if scooters are locked themselves, the shed or garage also needs to be secured with a strong padlock or similar door lock – a prime feature of metroSTOR scooter stores. This is because there have been cases of thieves breaking into outbuildings where they know a mobility scooter is stored.

The provision of safe and secure outside storage for mobility scooters at council and housing association properties can help to reduce anti-social behaviour, potentially saving money in the long run, and also make the premises more appealing to people with limited mobility.

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