June 16, 2024

Take back control of your weight issues


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Take the average doctor…Well, too many of them believe ‘taking control’ means popping the latest and greatest pharmaceutical drug. The medical community wants to make sure you think of your over-weight problems as a ‘medical problem’ (more about this later). They’re only too happy to intervene with costly weight loss aids and plans that start to lighten your wallet faster than your bathroom scale.

Many nutritional companies don’t want you to change a blooming thing. Except your spending habits! Here! “Buy our outrageously overpriced fatburner and diet supplements and spend a small fortune and you can experience easy, worry-free, automatic weight-loss. No need to change a thing!”

How about all those diet plans and so-called weight plans? More like WAIT plans. You might as well plan on that weight sticking around if you stick with most plans. Did somebody say wait-watchers? Yeah. Watch the weight keep coming back. In fact, within 5 years of successful weight reduction, 90 to 95% of us fail to keep the weight off that we fought so hard to lose!


The problem is that no one-plan, no one-product is right for everyone. We are all so metabollically individualized. But if you learn anything here…the take-away is this. Take the very best from the experts. Learn everything you can from:

The weight -control medical specialists.These are the Bariatric scientists. (Bariatrics is the field of medicine that focuses on the treatment and control of obesity and diseases associated with obesity)

The longevity and anti-aging specialists

The alternative and complementary medicine and natural-healing community. Please include the certified nutritionists and nutritionally oriented doctors you know of in this category.

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