May 18, 2024
8 Best Virtual Escape Rooms That Will Entertained You

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Escape Rooms are a great mode of entertainment and in times of social distancing virtual escape rooms have become a new trend. Here we discuss the best virtual escape rooms.

If you are tired of the same monotonous group games and want to enjoy something new, virtual escape rooms are the way to go.

Most of the online escape rooms are based on the concept of people looking for clues, solving puzzles, and getting out of a room. These rooms are a great way to test your knowledge and keep yourself entertained.

The best part about online escape rooms that has been gaining popularity is that escape rooms give you the freedom to explore and innovate. You can find passcodes, keys, locks, and hidden items that would help you solve the ultimate mission.

Virtual escape rooms also come with themes that can make the escaping more challenging while adding something to keep you entertained.

What are Virtual Escape Rooms?

Virtual Escape RoomsSince the outbreak of the pandemic, the offline escape rooms have been shut. To make the experience of escape rooms actual and make people enjoy what they are missing, virtual escape rooms have been introduced.

The virtual escape rooms are a mode to escape virtual reality. The aim of these rooms is the same that is to ultimately escape the rooms by solving puzzles, clues, and games. Virtual escape rooms test your collaboration, teamwork, and team building. The best part about these games is that one can play them in the comfort of their home.

Many online meeting sites like Zoom and Google Meets have adapted to these events where you can solve and complete puzzles. Online escape rooms range widely from simple, immersive games to more guided-based puzzles.

These virtual escape rooms come with a wide range of themes based on movies, games, or series like Harry Potter, Games of Thrones, friends, and more.

8 Virtual Escape Rooms You Cannot Miss

Here’s a list of the virtual escape rooms that you and your friends can enjoy while isolating at home:

1. Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Hogwarts Digital Escape RoomAre you also a Potterhead? Then, is the right game for you and your friends. Harry Potter-based escape room; this will take you through the lanes of magic and mystery. You can play the game with a group or individually, competing against friends. All the references will deeply impact your team because it is the hub of magical mysteries.

2. Brain Chase

Brain ChaseIf your group consists of nerds who want to learn something while playing, then is the right escape room for you. Filled with cryptic questions and puzzles, these escape rooms will force you to think deeply into the intrigues of extracurricular.

3. Brain Heist

Brain HeistDesigned by the owners of Expedition Escape, these escape rooms give you an insight into the real escape rooms of Pennsylvania. The escape room consists of games and problem-solving questions that test your knowledge as well as common sense. Brain Heist virtual escape rooms are simple in format and are satisfying to solve.

4. Sherlock Online Escape Room

Sherlock Online Escape RoomEver wondered what it would feel like to indulge in the world of Sherlock Holmes and solve the mystery with your friends. Well, escape room will give you an insight into the world of puzzles and riddles by challenging your brain. But beware! You might discover crimes that have been hidden in the darkness of the room!

5. The Crimson Room

The Crimson RoomInspired by the movie The Hangover, the crimson escape room will take out on an adventurous ride. The game has a theme where you wake up in a dark red room with no memory of the last night because of the hangover. The story gets more enjoyable when you discover that you are in a locked room. This is a perfect game to enjoy with your friends and family after a busy day.

6. Nancy Drew

Nancy DrewVirtual Escape Room: Inspired by the life of 90s detective Nancy Drew, this mystery room will throw you into the world of mysteries. If you solve solving murders, then this is the right escape room for you. The task is to find the manor with clues left behind as letters and unusual pieces.

7. The Panic Room

The Panic RoomThis is one of the most famous online escape rooms. This escape room gives you the best virtual gaming experience and can be played through any device. It comes with different themes and difficulty levels with no limit on the number of players.

8. Trapped in the Web

Trapped in the WebThis trapped in the web escape room comes with out-of-the-box puzzles and ambiance. Players can solve the game on different platforms. The players are trapped in a web form which they must escape on time.

Final Thoughts

Virtual escape rooms are a great remote substitute for actual escape rooms. They give more options based on games and levels. The players can also choose from different themes and can win exciting games or even use it as a dating idea during the lockdown. The best part of virtual escape games is that they make you feel like your friends without even being close to them.

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