June 16, 2024

About Socially Distanced Speed Dating

about socially distanced speed dating

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With the Corona pandemic ravaging and affecting the way the world operates, we have been forced to adapt to the new normal. One of the ways to curb the spread of the virus is to be socially distanced. Being social beings, we always want to meet up and have some good times. Before the pandemic, speed dating was done in physical spaces where people would meet and engage in the activity. With the new normal and being in lockdown, it is not possible for people to meet in large numbers. With new rules set in place, speed dating companies had to carry out a risk assessment to ensure that the required measures have been put into place to minimize the spread of the disease. Trials on socially distanced speed dating were carried out to ensure a smooth and running of the activity.

How Have the Events Changed?

The pandemic has forced speed dating companies to make several changes on how they conduct the speed dating activities. The following are some of the measures that have been put into place;

Restricted Numbers

New rules only allow group gatherings of thirty people. For this reason, the highest number of people that a single-speed dating session will hold under a given instance is thirty people. People participating in the activity will be twenty-nine, with one host totally thirty. The average time for each date is four minutes enabling you to interact with ten to fourteen people.

  • Queue Free Entry

queue free entry for everyone with social distancing

With a restricted number of participants, only selected people will turn up. As such, there will be no long queues to enter the speed dating rooms. Once you arrive, you will be shown and guided to your table by the host.

  • Contactless Events

contactless events in social distancing dates

One of the ways that the pandemic is spreading is through the contact of infected surfaces. The new rules set in place restrict handshakes and sharing of pencils and scorecards. The online systems allow you to key in your matches through your phone into their website.

  • Table Usage

usage of table in social distancing

During regular speed dating events, men move from one table to another to ensure they meet all the potential dates. The new guidelines state that the tables should be used only for placing personal stuff such as glasses. Try as much as possible to avoid touching the tables.

  • Protective Measures

preventive measures in distance dating

The World Health Organization has clearly stated the dos and don’ts during this pandemic. As of such, under socially distanced speed dating, the following protective measures have been put into place:

  • Hand sanitizers on the entry and exit points
  • Contactless payment methods to avoid touching infected surfaces
  • Regular and thorough cleaning in spaces the events are taking place
  • Temperature recording before entry to detect possible active corona cases

In Summary

We are currently faced with a world pandemic that has affected the way we conduct our social life. With the new normal, you can still go for a socially distanced speed dating in London with no fear of getting infected with the coronavirus.




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