June 16, 2024

Smart Ways to Improve Mobile Reception

Smart Ways to Improve Mobile Reception

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Mobile phones are a part and parcel of our everyday life. Weak signals, dropped calls and slow data speeds can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can improve mobile signals for fast data speeds and clear calls.

Here are the simplest ways you can use to significantly boost mobile phone reception;

Check your settings and options

Make sure you are not facing a configuration problem. Know the difference between 4G and 3G.

If you are in an area with strong reception and your phone constantly displays 3G then it might be time to check if your settings are configured correctly.

Smart Ways to Improve Mobile signal

Update your software

Updating software is vital to a smooth-running device. Do not ignore those messages you sometimes receive about updating your software. Follow carefully the applicable instructions on your phone to update the software successfully.

Turn of the services you are not using

Near field connection (NFC), WiFi and Bluetooth can sometimes cause problems as they can allow other devices to use up bandwidth that is needed for fast data and clear calls. Try turning them off on your phone and see if the reception improves.

Toggle airplane mode

Most of us have probably tried this, toggling your phone’s connection is the easiest and quickest way to try and fix your signal woes.

Restart your phone

Our phones just like computers can be fixed by simply restarting them. This is an easy troubleshooting method that will fix simple connectivity issues.

Manually re-select the network operator

This setting only works for Android phones, Go to “Settings>Find Mobile Networks >Network operators

It will scan for all the mobile networks available in your area.

Smart Ways to Improve Mobile Reception

Have your phone checked for damage

If you’re in an area with good coverage and other people within the area have good service, but it mightn’t be a sign that your internal antenna has been damaged.

Get a cell phone signal booster

Cell phone signal boosters are the surest way to ensure fast and reliable connectivity. They work with all networks simultaneously and are a great option if you have an existing outside signal you can boost.

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