June 15, 2024
Date Ideas in Lockdown

Date Ideas in Lockdown

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Right now, all of us are living through a pandemic, which is a totally alien concept that none of us really know how to cope with. Worse still, if you’re looking to date or you’d recently started dating someone, then knowing how to date in a lockdown can be incredibly difficult – just how do you build a relationship while still socially distancing?
Well, dating in lockdown might not be ideal, but it’s still possible even from 2 meters away. All you need are some outside of the box ideas that will help you to get to know your date better while still staying safe.
To get you started, here are a few of Naturally Dating favorite lockdown date ideas:

1. Video Call

Now a video call might not seem very unusual. In fact, it’s likely that a video call was the first thing most of you thought about. However, what you plan for that video call is what will set you apart from a date that is just both you sat on camera and chatting.
So, what fun things can you do on a video call date?

Date Ideas in Lockdown Uk

Cooking Challenge

Many of us love going to a restaurant on a date as it gives us a chance to indulge in some tasty food while getting to know someone. Bringing food into your video call is actually very easy and fun. For one, you could each make your signature dish and show it to the other as something you could promise to make for each other in the future. Or, you could each give each other a list of ingredients and see what weird and wonderful creations they make from them.

Try a Quiz

Quizzes are always great fun, even more so when you’re working with a date to try and get the most answers correct. Here one of you could ask a friend to make up a quiz for you and email it over. You can then sit and work out the answers together.

Play a Game

Whether it’s chess or some other kind of board game, as long as you both have that game, there’s no reason why you can’t play via video call. Or, if you both like video games, there are plenty of co-op games where you can play together, such as Borderlands, Fall Guys, and Call of Duty.

2. Arrange a Park Date

These days, parks are one of the best places to meet for dates, as these wide and open spaces are ideal for keeping a 2m distance away from each other. Even better, there are lots of things you can do in a park other than just going for a walk.

You could both prepare a picnic lunch and then just meet to eat and chat, just remember to bring a rug and/or a cushion to make sure you’re comfy on the floor. One of you could even bring a laptop with a movie downloaded on it that you could both watch, making your own little alfresco cinema.
If you’d prefer something a little more active, think about something like a cycle or even something a little quirkier like rollerblading.

Online Date Ideas in Lockdown

3. Head to the Beach

While many of us live near a beach in the UK, a lot of us never take the time to actually go to these beaches for a walk. Now that options are limited during the lockdown, though, the beach becomes one of the best places around for singles to meet outdoors and have some fun.
Like a park date, you can choose to make it fancier by bringing your own picnic and drinks to enjoy while sitting in the sand. Or, just go for a socially distanced walk and make the most of breathing in that gorgeous saltwater air.

4. Go for a Hike or Bike Ride

You’ll notice that the theme of lockdown dates are those that are outdoors, that’s because meeting outdoors is the safest way for singles to meet while the risk of covid-19 is so high. So, by choosing a hike or a bike ride for your date, you are still getting to meet and explore your local community and chat with each other.

Can You Find Love in Lockdown?

Yes! It is entirely possible to date and meets people in lockdown. It might not be as simple as cozying up together while you share popcorn over a movie, but you can still meet and chat with people you may have met on something like a dating app.
The idea is, you’ll first take your time while dating, enjoying things like video calls or park dates until you are confident that this person could be relationship worthy. Then you could start to think about meeting that person in bars or restaurants – depending on your local lockdown rules.

Always remember that it’s absolutely fine to be worried about dating during times like these. If the person you are meeting is suggesting a date that you feel isn’t socially distanced enough, let them know and arrange for something that you’re more comfortable with.