May 18, 2024
Garden Pests control tips

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Are you thinking of ways to eliminate pests in your garden? For most people with a garden, pest control is an arduous, yet crucial task. Failing to control the pests will leave your crops damaged, forcing you to start all over. There are millions of pests, both beneficial and destructive, that will affect plants in your garden.

Different pests require different control methods. You can use pesticides to deal with pests or adopt eco-friendly practices such as handpicking and planting pest repellant plants. Below are some common garden pests and the damage they cause.

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Common Garden Pests


They are tiny and pear-shaped, mostly black, white, or red. Aphids can be winged or wingless, and they cause damage to plants by sucking the sap, which causes distorted flowers and leaves.


Caterpillars are the larval forms of butterflies. They feed on plant stems and leaves for their survival. It gets tricky eliminating them since, after full development, they turn into butterflies which help in pollination.

Slugs and Snails

They are most common in wet and moist gardens. Snails feed on the leaves, boring holes onto them, reducing the photosynthetic surfaces. They also leave shiny trails on the leaves as they feed.

Flea Beetles

They are tiny gray or black beetles that pierce holes in your plants. Flea beetles are common in early summer and spring.

Large Animals

Pests do not necessarily mean small insects only. Your garden will attract larger animals, including raccoons, deer, squirrels, rabbits, and birds. Larger animals cause more destruction by feeding on the plants or toppling over them.

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Pest Removal Tips

The method you devise to remove the pests will vary from one pest to another. You can use the following tips to get rid of pests from your garden.


Although not practical for a heavily infested garden, you can move from plant to plant as you handpick the pests and kill them with your hands. Plucking the pests and their egg sacks prevents further re-infestation. This is suitable for bigger pests like worms, beetles, snails, and slugs. Be cautious when handling pests, as some will harm you. Put on gloves and protective gear before handpicking the pests.

Spraying Pesticides

Pesticides have been an effective way to prevent and control garden pests. You can buy pesticides from agrochemical shops. There are non-toxic, toxic, and highly toxic pesticides. Before using a pesticide, read their direction of use, correct mixing, and possible side effects. Start with the non-toxic one, and if no desirable results are achieved, move to toxic and highly toxic.

Insecticidal Soap

You can spray diluted natural soaps like castile soap on your plants to repel them. Mix a small portion of the soap with water and spray. Dilute further if you notice leaf damage.

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Water Pressure Sprays

Spraying pressurized water on the affected parts of the plant will dislodge the pests. This is a very effective method to get rid of spiders, mites, and aphids. Note that this method will only apply to solid and sturdy plants. You might end up damaging small and weak plants.

Laying Traps

Laying traps on your garden will help keep pests like squirrels, rodents, and raccoons at bay. Different animals require different traps. After laying the traps, be cautious around your garden to prevent injuries to you and your loved ones. Before buying a trap, know the type of pest you want to control. For snails and slugs, you can create a simple trap using wood strips and nails.

Insect Vacuums

Insect vacuums are small, handled, battery-powered machines you can use to suck pests from the plants. First, shake the planks for the pest to fall off, then suck them up. This is an effective way for both small and medium pests such as warm and beetles.

Fencing and Barrier Erection

Perimeter fences around your farm will keep large animals and pests off your garden. You can reinstate the fence with nets to prevent squirrels and raccoons from entering the garden through wire mesh openings.

In Summary;

If you want to reap the most out of your garden, ensure you prevent and control pests. Pests attack and damage your crops. You can use eco-friendly methods like handpicking and water spraying methods to control pests. Alternatively, you can use pesticides for quicker results.

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