June 16, 2024

Top 3 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Winter While Saving Energy


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Winter is just around the corner, which can be an exciting time for those who suffer from crippling hay fever, have a very low tolerance for the heat, or enjoy the festivities this season brings.

It is most likely going to be a cold one in northern Europe, so many upon entering this season will more than likely be scouring the internet for some top tips on how to avoid turning into an ice cube, especially with rising energy bills.

So, with that in mind, this piece is going to take a look at some solid ideas on how you can escape the freezing cold as much as possible during the colder months, and what else needs to be on your winter radar to help you get through it without spending fortunes.

Let’s get into it!

1. Prep the Inside of Your Home


prepare-the-inside-of-your-home-for-winter-while-saving-energyPrepping the inside of your home for the up-and-coming seasonal change is an essential process that you will curse yourself for not doing when the winter hits.

We all know how easy it is for issues around the home to come to light the moment we need to use a particular appliance or commodity, so avoid that situation with some avid planning.

Make sure to test out all of your appliances ahead of the cold curve! Get those storage heaters out of the garage, dust them off, and check they are still in excellent working order.

Another important check to make is on your air conditioner. You certainly don’t want to turn it on and be swiftly greeted with… nothing. Air conditioners are a great means of keeping a room warm, so do not get caught short when you truly need them the most.

If you do find your air conditioner is not working, or you could definitely benefit from an upgrade, then now is the time to do it. Unsurprisingly, appointments and demand go straight up when it gets hot, which leads to a shortage in both and could mean you are in the clear to get the problem sorted swiftly once the cooler weather comes.

However, you also might find many use their air conditioner for the heat in the winter just like you. If you find out what you need now, such as an air conditioning installation, you can proceed before the demand gets too high for you to be fitted in quickly.

2. Prepare the Outside of Your Home

prepare-the-outside-of-your-home-for-winter-while-saving-energyThe outside of your home also might need some doctoring to keep it safe and secure over winter, and it is best to do it while the sun is still shining – very occasionally!

Here is a list of a couple of DIY projects that will be worth doing before it gets frosty:

  • Clear out your gutters: You definitely want to avoid a situation where your gutters are overflowing and leaking excess water into your house, so it is important to check that they are clear before they even have the chance to start. Most commonly, leaves that have fallen from trees during autumn make quite a clogged mess, so clearing those out can make a massive difference to your winter waste management.
  • Check your pipes: Your pipes can get delicate when the weather changes, and keeping them warm can help prevent them from bursting – which you certainly don’t want to happen when it is freezing outside! If you do not have the proper protective pipe covers, then you can use whatever you have on hand, such as towels or blankets, to keep them warm.
  • Clean out your fireplace: If you have a fireplace that is ready to have its first autumnal fire, then it is important for both health and safety that it is cleaned out before you light the match. Otherwise, you might find that leftover soot and ash plumes into the house or that objects get stuck in the chimney flow, just when you want to light your fire!

3. Get Your Wardrobe Ready


get-your-wardrobe-ready-for-winter-while-saving-energyIt is no secret that it is time to put away the strappy tops and the shorts and swap them out for clothing that is a little more substantial. The chances are that you have already begun your wardrobe change, but if you are still holding on to the hope of some rogue hot weather, it is better to burst your own bubble now and prepare for the weather change than be left struggling to find your jumpers while you can’t feel your fingers!

With the cost of living increasing by the second, many people will be reliant on appropriate clothing to keep them warm both inside and outside of the house. So, with that in mind, make sure to get your winterwear out sooner rather than later to make sure everything is still wearable and in good condition. The same goes for blankets and other soft items that will keep you warm!

And that’s a wrap so make sure you wrap up warm this winter!