February 20, 2024

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If you’ve been looking around your home and noticed that some home maintenance work needs to be done to update, upgrade, and generally make it feel more comfortable, you might be wondering whether you should do it yourself or call in the professionals.

Although both options do have their pros and cons, there is something rather special about DIY that you might not have considered; DIY is good for you.

Read on to find out why this is the case, and you might be persuaded to at least try to make the changes your home needs yourself.

1. DIY is Good For The Brain

diy-is-good-for-the-brainWhen you think of your health, it might be that only the physical characteristics of well-being come to mind, but the fact is that your mental health is just as important, even if it’s not something you think about very much. It’s important to keep your brain as active as possible, as this will help you to feel good (it releases positive hormones into the bloodstream) and keep your brain healthy in the future as far as possible. It is said that keeping your brain active will help to reduce the chances of developing dementia and other cognitive issues.

DIY is an ideal way to keep your brain active. To begin with, you’ll be working out different puzzles and challenges in an effort to understand the best way to do the job you need to do. Secondly, you’ll need to learn new techniques and information to get the work done. Your brain will be working hard to learn all this, and that’s a positive thing.

2. DIY Makes You More Self-Reliant

diy-makes-you-more-selfreliantIt’s good to have people around you on whom you can rely when you need help, but it’s not good to always run to them straight away – it’s far better for your own self-confidence to have the ability to try to fix or decorate things yourself before asking for help. In this way, you’ll become much more able to do things around the house.

Although you won’t be able to do everything – and no one would expect it of you – it’s great to be able to have enough confidence to try to do things. Of course, when it comes to DIY, you’ll need to do this as safe a way as possible, and sometimes asking for help first is the best course of action, but even so, your confidence and abilities will quickly grow, and you’ll be able to take on many other challenges in your life without fear.

3. DIY Saves You Money

diy-saves-you-moneyPerhaps the first thing that most people think of when it comes to why they want to opt for DIY rather than calling in a professional is that it will save them money. From finding a DIY store that sells just what they want at great prices to not having to pay professionals to do the job for them, there are savings to be made everywhere.

Being able to make fixes and repairs around the house will save money in other ways too. In the past, if you weren’t able to make the repairs yourself and you didn’t want to call someone in to do it for you, the only other option would be to dispose of the broken item and buy a new version. This is often going to be much more expensive than fixing the issue, so by at least considering some DIY, it might be that you can save more than you thought you would.

4. DIY Enables More Family Time

diy-enables-more-family-timeThe acronym DIY stands for ‘do it yourself,’ so it doesn’t automatically lend itself to being a group project – it sounds more like something you would do alone. However, the fact is that some DIY projects need more than one person to get involved for safety or time reasons, so it doesn’t have to be a solo affair and often shouldn’t be.

When it comes to DIY in the home, this is the ideal way to spend more time with your family. Perhaps you’re decorating a child’s bedroom – in that case, they can help you choose the colors and the design, and they can be part of the work too if they are old enough. Maybe it’s a new kitchen that you need to install. In that case, the entire household can be involved, ensuring that this new design has everything that’s needed. Spending time with your family is good for you and lowers stress levels. Therefore, if you can combine the two elements of DIY and family, it makes sense to do so.

5. DIY Can Lead To A New Hobby

diy-can-lead-to-a-new-hobbyDoing DIY doesn’t mean you have to love what you’re doing – some people do it out of necessity due to budget or because they want to remain in control, for example. However, it could be that you absolutely love updating your home, and you are interested enough in a specific aspect (or perhaps the entire process) to make it a hobby.

Hobbies are good for you as they keep your brain active (we’ve explained how important this is earlier in the post) and they give you something to look forward to, to get you out of your usual routine and maybe even out of your comfort zone. Whether you develop a love of plastering, carpentry, or upcycling, you can indulge in it when you do DIY.

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