May 18, 2024

8 Home Décor Tips For Creating a Comfortable Home Supporting Your Mental Health


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A comfortable property supports calm and relaxation and a bit of DIY is actually good for you.

If your home is the opposite of cosy and inviting, it might be time to adjust your interior to create a homely, warm design that melts away your worries and boosts your mental health.

A few small changes could transform the look and feel of your property, and they don’t need to cost a substantial sum.

Never settle for a cold, unwelcoming, and cramped space. Read this guide to creating a more comfortable home.

1. Change Your Lighting


change-your-lighting-as-home-décor--for-your-mental-healthThe lighting you choose can determine if your home appears cold and clinical or warm and welcoming. If your home is the former, improve its atmosphere by introducing a mix of:

Also, use warm lightbulbs to ramp up the cosiness and avoid harsh lighting that will hurt your eyes and impact your mood.

2. Replace Your Radiators


eplace-your-radiators-as-home-décor-for-your-mental-healthOld radiators can detract from your interior and might struggle to warm up rooms across the home. Inject style, texture, and warmth into space by replacing your existing radiators with a modern, more efficient design.

These aluminium radiators from are a stylish choice, as they will warm up quickly thanks to the lightweight material. Choose from many designs to complement various rooms across the home, such as horizontal or vertical aluminium radiators.

3. Add Curtains

Curtains will make a living room, bedroom, or dining room ooze homeliness. The room will appear cosier, and the curtains will provide additional insulation around the windows throughout autumn and winter. They can also serve as a warm air barrier during spring and summer to prevent your room from getting too hot.

4. Introduce Warm Metals


use-warm-metals-as-home-décor-for-your-mental-healthIncrease the cosy factor of your home by introducing warm metals, such as:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Rose Gold

There are many ways to incorporate warm metals into an interior design. For instance, you could hang copper pots in your kitchen, install a bronze chandelier in any room in the home, or add brass faucets in your kitchen and bathroom.

Most flea markets and garage sales will have countless antique copper and brass fixtures and items, which are perfect if you’re on a tight budget. You can spruce them up by using salt and rubbing it over the surface with a cut lemon. Alternatively, update your existing pieces with some copper-colour spray paint.

5. Cut the Clutter

Clutter can cause much discomfort in the home. It cannot only prevent you from finding the items you need, but it may impact your mood and cause you to fall out of love with your property.

Feel happier to be home by cutting out as much clutter as possible in each room. Purge your property of items you no longer want or use, which you can recycle, donate, or sell. It will provide more freedom to move while lifting your mood and lowering your stress levels.

6. Pick Rugs and Textiles


pick-rugs-as-home-décor-for-your-mental-healthLaminate, hardwood, or tile flooring can elongate rooms in the home while creating a more modern interior design. Yet they can look and feel chilly underneath your feet, especially during autumn and winter.

Create a more comfortable property by laying down a cosy rug, and you can choose from different designs, colours, and sizes to match your room’s décor, size and shape. Every space in the home will benefit from a beautiful rug, as it can add warmth, vibrancy, and personality to an interior design. Also, inject more softness and texture by adding various textiles to complement a rug, such as placing patterned cushions or a throw blanket on a sofa or bed.

7. Decorate with Warm Colours


decorate-with-warm-colours-as-home-décor-for-your-mental-healthA bright, bold interior is the opposite of relaxing. Decorating with warmer colours will allow you to create a room that makes you want to curl up in front of a fireplace with a good book and a hot drink. Choose a more muted colour scheme and don’t incorporate bold furniture or accents, such as a vibrant red or green couch.

Soften up your space by considering the following warm colours:

  • Deep greys
  • Taupes
  • Oranges (think amber or gold)
  • Sienna
  • Scarlet

You can then introduce cooler tones to lift the space and prevent a monochromatic colour scheme, such as teal, eggplant, or cobalt. Use the colour wheel to find the perfect contrast to your chosen warm shade.

8. Select Comfortable Furniture


use-comfortable-furniture-as-home-décor-for-your-mental-healthA bright white couch might look sophisticated and stylish, but it might not appear inviting or feel comfortable. Always choose comfort over style in the home, as you will want to relax on your furniture daily.

Don’t be afraid to pay a little extra for a couch with a better comfort level, as it will support rest and relaxation after a busy day and prevent any back pain. You should invest in complementary items that will also make you feel comfortable, such as ottomans, pouffes, or recliners. You will not regret it.

Test a few home décor ideas from our list and see if they make you feel better and more comfortable in your crib. You spend a lot of time in your own four walls so you might as well make it your perfect retreat.

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