May 17, 2024

5 Easy Home Maintenance Projects To Keep Up Your Property’s Value


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Your home is the foundation of your daily routines. It is the space that breeds familiarity, safety, and stability. A lot of elements add up to make your perfect home. It is essential to keep track of the features and make changes to keep your home in top shape. Home maintenance is, however, at times expensive, challenging, and even tiresome. The key is to create a checklist of regularly required items to check on and make changes. That makes tracking easier and helps you stay organized.

Below are five easy, less time-consuming home maintenance projects you can get started on:

Check All Your Detectors For Home Maintenance

Check All Your Detector For Home MaintenanceMost home fire incidents occur in homes that lack installed or working smoke detectors. Smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors are the best prevention for a fire occurring in your home. The detectors help you stay prepared and keep you and your loved ones safe. It would help if you considered changing batteries to your smoke alarms every once a year. Make it a monthly habit to test whether your detectors are still working.

Another fire safety maintenance point is your fire extinguishers. Always ensure your fire extinguisher is properly maintained and always working. Check on its pressure, the nozzle and handle, and any other damages.

Your smoke pit and chimney deserve care too. A lot of dangerous smoke air particles make their way out of your home annually. Make it a habit to clean and ensure that your smoke pit is breathable.

Check Your Air Filters

Check Your Air FiltersThe air quality of your home is vital for your health. Air filters assist with the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation of your sacred space. Your HVAC system filters should be changed at least seasonally and checked monthly. Do this more often if you are a pet owner or live around a dusty area. The filters determine how efficiently your HCAV system will be.

It is recommendable that you get a technician’s help when your filter or AC compressor needs to be changed. Up to speed HVAC systems keep fresh air flowing and trap dust. They also keep your temperature regular during the winter and summertime.

Maintain Your Kitchen and Its Appliances

Maintain Your Kitchen and Its AppliancesIt is important to clean and sanitize your kitchen and its appliances. Clear your fridge and clean it monthly. So too your dishwasher and oven. Check for damages and repair the devices you use, such as blenders, or a stove repair, which is highly advisable.

Disposals also help your kitchen run smoothly; ensure you unclog and clean out your disposal. Make a solution of citrus, salt, and baking soda and use it to wash out your disposal effectively. Your refrigerator coils also need to be vacuumed out at least every twice a year.

If your kitchen has a range hood filter, always ensure you clean it every two weeks. It helps ensure grease and smoke do not settle on it.

Watch Out for Areas That Leak For Home Maintenance

Watch Out for Areas That Leak For Home MaintenanceWater is a basic need for survival and a requirement for cleanliness. That means your home should have a continuous supply of clean water. Water is transported via pipes, which are susceptible to leaks. Always keep your eye open for any leaks in the kitchen, basements, ceilings, or toilets.

Leaks might result in huge water bills over time and could also lead to damages to your home. The Environmental Protection Agency states that at least 10,000 gallons of water is wasted through leaks annually. Keep track of your bill and any cost rises that could be down to leaks and be more eco-friendly in your home by wasting less.

Give your Outdoor Space some Attention

Give your Outdoor Space some AttentionThe outdoors is an extension of your home. More people are taking care of their outdoors with gardens, firepits, and pools. Your exterior is the ambassador of your home to the world; show it some love. Areas that deserve maintenance could be your roof, siding, gutters, doors, windows, and garden.

Keep your garden trimmed and check for any possible animal infestations. Your garden or any trees add nature value to your home. If you have a garden, ensure you check on the plants daily or every other two days. Trees could dirty the environment, trim any long shrubs, and get ready to rake. Just ensure you dispose of your garden waste in an eco-friendly manner.

A well-maintained home ensures your home value stays up and keeps you happy. Your home is your stable environment, nurture and keep it healthy and safe. Monthly maintenance is essential and reduces the cost of any annual changes you may make. Make a maintenance checklist and know what needs checking through different seasonal changes.