May 18, 2024
How to hire the Best Magician in London

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A magician is a good package of entertainment in any event or party. Everyone loves to see things disappearing within seconds, flowers turning into birds or rabbits coming out of an empty hat, especially children. A magician is going to be the wow factor that can make your party theme unique and entertaining. This way, you can trace the jazz of the party onto the mind of your guests.

How to Hire the Best Magician?

How to hire the Best Magician

Well, hiring a virtual magician for an event might sound simple, but it isn’t that of an easy task. It is vital to keep some points clear in mind to choose someone who can stand on your expectations for the event night.

1. Know The Guest

You need to consider the kind of people who are going to attend the party. Whether you plan to throw a formal party for your colleagues with a more serious theme or a fun and festive theme, you need to put lights on the audience and choose the magician accordingly.

2. The Magic Type

Again, it depends on the choice and the size of the audience. You can call a table magician for a corporate party to entertain the guest the moment they arrive. A party magician would be an excellent choice for a casual family or keep your kid’s party and a close-up magician for the first time meeting events.

Qualities to Look For in a Magician

Qualities to look for a magician


The magician should be a creative and attention-grabbing personality. He should have all discipline attributes so that he is capable of making the party night memorable for everyone and won’t create any chaos on your big day.


The magician you choose for the event night should be adaptable enough to mould their performance according to the guest’s interest. He should know to what crowd and in what event he is performing and twist his performance accordingly.


Confidence is indeed required in a magician to perform before various audiences and their choices. He should be calm enough to perform even complicated tricks and still holding guest’s attention and entertain them.

Cost For Hiring a Magician

Cost of Hiring a Magician

When you intend to hire a magician for a party, you must be considering the cost as a factor. Well, It depends on a range of conditions;

  • What and where the event is?
  • What type of performance is needed?
  • The length of the performance
  • The time of year in which the event is held
  • The professionalism and experience of the magician

A lot of factors decide the cost of hiring a magician. Hiring a magician in London can cost as low as £400 to £2000 and more. The price can be premium in winters or when Christmas and New Year week is on the corner and vary according to their performances. Checking the highlights of their previous shows, making sure the reviews are pretty decent and previous client’s experience about the magician are some crucial points to get a precise lighting idea of whether the magician is worth what they charge.

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