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7 Expert Tips for Presenting an Impressive Academic Assignment

7 Experts Tips for Presenting an Impressive Academic Assignment

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Writing an intriguing assignment in college or university can be an arduous task for some students.  Hence, they seek assignment help from professional experts to ensure that they fulfil all impressive academic assignment requirements and don’t fail the assignment.

It is advisable to start writing the assignment yourself first and then have it checked and proofread by an expert before submitting it. All you must do is abide by the tried and tested tips stated by the academic professionals and by your university or college to pass.

Most of the time you will have a task and topic given to you for your assignment, however, it needs to be unique and written in your own words.

It is therefore vital to consider the following important steps when writing your assignment:

1. Conduct a Detailed Research

Conduct a Detailed ResearchAny subject area at college or university requires students to conduct extensive research on the topic they must write about. This is because it is necessary to reflect on applicable theories and models for critical thinking. After conducting thorough research either in your university library or through online libraries, you will have a strong understanding of the assignment’s topic and theories and will be able to meet those needs within the deadline.

For research purposes, you can visit sites like Investopedia,, MyMoney.Gov, etc. for finance-related topics for example. If you work on case studies, it will be necessary for you to go through financial reports of companies, SWOT, and PESTLE analysis. Or you can visit virtual university libraries to get the required information for your assignment.

2. Go through the Requirements and Comprehend the Topic

Go through the Requirements and Comprehend the TopicYou should devote a significant amount of time to the assignment’s requirements before writing it. This will help you have a good understanding of the topics you cover that will help you to identify answers from the researched sources. Unless you have a good grasp of budgeting, debt, net worth, credit, saving, investing, etc., you cannot solve numerical problems for a scientific research assignment.

If you do not understand the essence of the assignment, you can ask your teachers for clarification. Or you can take the help of your peers. If you start off on the wrong foot, you will find it challenging to get the result. For instance, if you are assigned a strategic management task, you would need to be proficient in financial modelling, managerial economics, etc.

3. Define the Methodology

Define the MethodologyThis tip is a MUST for students writing a finance research paper. The research methods may differ based on the type of assignment you work on, such as essays, case studies, reviews, annotated bibliographies, or a PhD thesis, etc. In the case of a case study or an essay, you must analyse reliable sources such as articles, books, or theses.

If you work on abstracts or reports, you must summarize the texts in your own words: the speech, meetings, events, or conferences. The methodology will also vary depending on the topic of the assignment. You can choose to carry out a survey in specific social groups, analyse literature or interview an expert. If the task seems daunting to you, you can reach out to MBA assignment help from experts or to focus groups in your subject area.

4. Format the Paper

Format the PaperBefore you put pen to paper, you should create an effective outline. If you write an essay, you should start with a hook, thesis statement, and background of the topic. Following this, you need to write the body, where you discuss various aspects of the topic under different subheadings. Include bullet points to improve the presentation of the paper and validate each point with the help of a citation. Finally, wrap up the essay with a precise conclusion.

Similarly, if you work on a dissertation, you must start with an exciting introduction, and follow it up with a literature review. Next, you must write a methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, and reference list. Moreover, you must pay attention to appendices, abstract, table of contents, etc.

5. Write the First Draft

Write the First DraftDo not procrastinate. Start writing as soon as you have the format and information at your disposal. The task is very simple. All you must do is fill in the gaps, or the sections and subheadings that you have including while planning the format. The introduction should be catchy and informative. It must draw the attention of the readers.

And depending on the type of paper, you must fill up the rest of the paper. Use a formal tone while stating the reasons for financial planning and strategies. And if there are numerically involved, do not forget to use the formulae. Be very precise when you write the paper and stick to the word count.

Finally, end with a brief conclusion, where you mention the important points of the paper.

6. Do Not Get Distracted

Do Not Get DistractedNow, this tip is basically for time management and studying effectively. Often students must follow tight deadlines. So, you need a lot of concentration and focus. You must put your phones away to complete an error-free assignment. To do such an important task, you must find a relaxing and quiet location. If you want, you can put on some light music.

However, you must segregate the task into smaller segments. This way you won’t be burnt out or feel overwhelmed. Calculate the time you have in your hand. Based on it, estimate the time for researching, making a reference list, writing the drafts, getting feedback from others, and more. You will see that you are able to complete the task easily.

7. Edit and Proofread

Edit and ProofreadTake a break after completing the work and relax before beginning the proofreading phase. It is necessary to begin the editing and proofreading process with a clear head. Most of the time, students make errors in math and grammar. They can correct faults during this time. And if you are a novice, you should seek assignment help from professional experts.

Plagiarism checking is the most crucial phase in creating a quality finance and economics assignment. You must ensure that you do not duplicate from any website or source and instead use your own words. Avoiding plagiarism would undoubtedly assist you in achieving a decent grade.

These are some of the steps that you must follow if you wish to secure exemplary grades in finance assignments. And if you stumble upon an issue. Do not hesitate in availing the service of a professional expert.

Author Bio: Anne Gill is a former finance professor at a reputed university in the USA. She is an avid blogger who shares finance tips and lessons on her blog site. At present, she is associated with, where she supervises the marketing assignment help service.

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