May 18, 2024

Top 5 Effective Study Tips for Online Learning During COVID-19


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Almost the whole world was forced into temporary lockdowns to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus in 2020 and beyond.

Shopping malls, public attractions, workplaces, and educational institutions are all shut down during this challenging time. The whole educational landscape undergoes a significant change. Over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom, which becomes the reason for the rise of online learning platforms.

Rise of Online learning during Pandemic 

Online learning is the only way to maintain a connection between students and education while staying at home. The rapid and unplanned move towards online learning created a problematic experience for both teachers and students. With zero training, insufficient bandwidth, and little preparation, online studying becomes a mess for many students and teachers. But apart from all the hurdles, online learning proves to be the best way of gaining information and skills while sitting in the cosy environment of your home. Moreover, it helps you get digital insight into many online learning platforms and a grip on modern technology. 

Many people utilized lockdown time well and learned different types of skills online such as graphic designing, content writing, web development, and many others. These skills will be a plus point in their resume and help them earn money while being at home. There are more than 18 freelance websites that offer an excellent opportunity to make money from your skills, irrespective of age, time, and place. 

Adaptation to online learning can be a hard move, especially if you are entirely new to online or cloud-based learning. So in this blog, we will tell you how to study at home effectively. Staying motivated is the key to better online learning, but here are the top 5 effective study tips for online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic suitable for families learning together or teenage and adult students. 

1- Create a Study Place 

For better concentration, it is a must to have a designated study space free of any distractions such as TV or loud voices. Also, make sure you have a table and a comfortable chair for studying in your home office area. Don’t lay down on the couch or sit in the bed with the laptop because you will find yourself yawning or getting sleepy.

2- Maintain a Healthy Routine 

After having a established a good study space, it is necessary to establish a regular study routine. All students have their preferences on how and when they like to study. So it is better to analyse your rhythm and behaviour and allocate the best times for studying when you are fresh and focused to learn. Eating healthy and light meals that improve your physical and mental performance contributes to your online learning too. 

3- Avoid Distractions 

It is one of the most common problems all students face during online learning. They feel distracted every few minutes. Sometimes it is a phone notification ring, or reduce-phone-distractions-by-turning-off-app-notificationsyour mum calls you, or you might get thirsty. So it is necessary to turn off your phone or at least your notifications, sit in a calm place with a water bottle and request the members at home not to distract you. Use these productivity hacks to help you stay focused while studying online. 

4- Track your Progress Daily 

Tracking progress is necessary while studying at home. But follow your progress with study goals, not the time you are spending on the study desk. 

The easiest way for tracking your learning is to make a list of goals or tasks to do. For example:


2- Writing

3- Self-testing

Tick off or mark your accomplished learning tasks after completion. It will help you keep a record of the rehearsed material and motivate you a lot. 

5- Join a Virtual Study Group 

The last point of how to study at home effectively is the best tip for switching your mood in self-isolation and helps you learn things from different perspectives. You can join a virtual study group and make video calls with your friends. It will help you to keep in contact with your classmates. Students are using many online platforms during the lockdown, such as ZOOM, HouseParty, WeChat, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype. 

You can also ask your teacher or tutor to see if there is any learning group or any other way to assist you during your lockdown studies. Online learning is not as difficult as it seems; the only thing needed is to stay positive and motivated and get the support you require. 

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