May 17, 2024

How to Sell on Not On The High Street to Make Money Online?


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Not On The High Street (NOTHS) is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the UK.

It was started in 2006 by Holly Turcker and Sophie Cornish. This online platform’s name is giving the limelight to the off-center items which are not found on the high street.


Not On The High Street currently has a huge number of sellers with over 5,000 businesses registered. It is a reputed marketplace with 39 million visitors yearly.

Not On The High Street is just not meant for huge businesses but even you can start your business from home with this platform. You will be able to find the finest small businesses in the UK here, which gives even the latest freelance start-ups a great opportunity to start selling.

How to become a Seller on Not On The High Street

To become a seller on Not On The High Street you should understand that there will be thousands of sellers and small businesses to compete with. Follow the steps to open your store on NOTHS with a bang.

1. Complete the NOTHS application form successfully


Head here:

NOTHS provides an application form for sellers which is easy to complete.

By signing up you need to create an account and register yourself as a seller. Some basic details are asked from the business owner about themselves and the business you want to set up.

By doing this perfectly you will have the chance to stand out in the NOTHS team’s eye.

Regarding your business details, you need to clarify what kind of nature your business is, e.g., jewellery, home, living, etc.

2. Joining fees on NOTHS

To join NOTHS after your registration is successful NOTHS asks you to pay a joining fee of £199. There is no listing fee like on other eCommerce platforms, you just must pay one signing-in fee of £199 for one time only.

The listing of products won’t incur a charge, whether you list products with multiple variants or not. After making the one-off payment you have 3 months to set up your business on their site.

NOTHS doesn’t charge for listings, but it takes a small percentage of the profits on each sale which is 25%. 25% will be deducted on every sale without including VAT. VAT charges will be different, depending on each country.

3. Set up your NOTHS store

After you join NOTHS it’s time to build your store’s trustworthy profile to help your customers find and buy your products.

For every listing add the product title and description correctly and carefully as it will help you to generate leads that might turn into conversions. Especially if there are any handmade or handcrafted products try to describe how it is made and the story behind them. Your story must attract your visitors as they are in search of something unique, they cannot find on the high street.

Select a price range that is competitive and that justifies each and every product.

What Sellers sell on Not On The High Street

There are many item categories that are available on NOTHS such as:

  • Jewellery
  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Gifts
  • Cards
  • Pet products
  • Home decor
  • Fashion accessories
  • Wedding items
  • Home & Garden
  • Kids
  • Food & Drinks
  • Inspiration
  • Furniture
  • Eatery
  • Selfcare

You should try to sell such items in these categories but there will be a lot of competition from other sellers who are already established on the platform.

NOTHS always welcomes new ideas. If your products are different from the above-mentioned categories, then you can put forth your ideas to the Not On The High Street team. If it is a valuable item that must be added to the platform, then surely NOTHS will consider your business ideas.

5 Tips to successfully sell on NOTHS

1. Competitor Analysis

As mentioned at the start of the article Not On The High Street UK is one of the leading eCommerce platforms. As there are already so many businesses listed, it is quite understandable that you must be ready to outdo your competitors with smart tactics.

Things to keep an eye on:

  • What products do they have and how many variants do they offer of their products?
  • What is new that they provide their customers?
  • What is the price range for their products?
  • What special offers do they have to attract customers with seasonal offers, free shipping, discounts, or coupons?

2. Showcase your product


  • Make sure your image is crystal clear and eye-catching.
  • Your image background must compliment the product image.
  • There must be a small portfolio or album for each product.

3. Branding

Branding is important for your business to promote it better. As you know NOTHS promotes the items, especially which aren’t available on the high street such as handmade items and boutique items. If there is a product with a story behind it, let people know about it.

4. Customer Service

Try to make and maintain a relationship with your customer. Be the first when your customer has any queries to solve them. Be polite and kind with your customers and try to convert them into leads.

5. Social Media Presence

Having a social media presence is very important nowadays. It is one of the ideal ways to tell people about your product and for customers to connect with you easily.

3 Top Benefits of featuring your Business on NOTHS

1. Publicity for your business

Through NOTHS your business will reach thousands of people visiting the platform. It gives you the chance to convert customers and sell more.

2. Market trends and strategies

NOTHS has so many small businesses listed on the platform. Being a part of NOTHS you will be able to keep an eye on your niche or industry to see what other businesses are doing. This will help you with taking steps towards approaching their customers and benefitting from the value they provide.

3. Make more money online with NOTHS

It is a great platform to earn money for your business. NOTHS gives you so many categories to sell in and has a huge number of buyers. The most popular categories of NOTHS are:

  • Not On The High Street jewellery,
  • Not On The High Street bracelets,
  • Not On The High Street earrings,
  • Not On The High Street bags,
  • Not On The High Street Gifts.

Wrapping up

The tips and tricks listed above will definitely help you with opening and accelerating your business on NOTHS. By following the outlined steps your business will start generating good revenue over time if you keep up to date with the trends and optimise your listings. Make money online with NOTHS and learn more about other online stores like Etsy to sell via several platforms.