June 16, 2024

How to best utilize Business Technology as a Small Business?


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In the context of a small firm, the term “business technology” may signify many different things and be interpreted in several ways. However, there is one constant: a company’s technology must give the best possible business efficiency at the lowest possible cost and upkeep.

Planning and following through on a business strategy for effective technology management are critical components of any business’s use of new technology.

Moving more of your company systems online to promote mobility or discovering and investing in new systems that accomplish the same work but more efficiently are two examples of ways to boost mobility and scale profitability.

As a small business owner, you should ask yourself the following questions or do a business analysis on the below points:

In what ways may the Internet benefit the Company?

utilize-benefits-of-internet-business-technology-as-a-small-businessSaving money for your company might be as simple as using the internet. If your company has a small contact centre for customer care, switching to an IP telephony system might save you a lot of money in the long term.

As a result, instead of racking up huge phone costs, users would be able to call in using a regular local telephone line rather than relying on the internet.

Calling someone via the internet is far less expensive than calling them on a regular phone line, and the money you save here would more than pay the expense of setting up such a system.

To begin with, you’ll want to be sure that your business’s internet connection has the necessary processing power to do this. The sound quality may decrease if there is not enough bandwidth to handle all the calls.

Providing both sides can hear each other isn’t a big deal, but it should be part of your company’s IT management plan to make this happen.

What about the People in the Field?

This area of your firm might benefit from internet-based telephony if you have many field sales representatives. Many 3G-capable mobile phones are already on the market, allowing users to make phone calls via the internet.

To save money on phone bills, you may need to change the contract for your company’s corporate mobile phone service and instruct your employees on how to use their new devices.

How do you know that your Company is now more efficient?

utilize-business-technology-for-more-efficient-workThe evaluation and monitoring of employee work are also included in the scope of business technology.

In addition to making your organization function more efficiently and cost-effectively, contemporary networking and focused technology management would enable you to keep an eye on precisely what is happening in real-time.

There are a variety of solutions that may help you keep track of your workers’ data, such as how long they spend on each call or how long it takes them to complete each file before they can go on to the next one.

Your ability to handle any potential difficulties and discuss them with the employee would be much enhanced by this method.


The use of technology in the online workplace that companies like NetBet apply as suggested in this post, should widen the scope of possibilities. Spending less money should allow you to do more.  It might be something as easy as lowering the cost of phone calls, or it could be more sophisticated, such as recognizing areas of concern in an employee’s performance and developing tactics to prevent this.

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