May 18, 2024

Who Will Be On the Cover of Madden NFL 23?


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One of the most fun gaming days is when the cover of the new Madden NFL 23 video game series is revealed.

Today, we are going to take a deeper dive into who is likely to grace the cover of the football game for millions of people to play throughout the year.

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1. John Madden


With the passing of John Madden in late December, the sports world mourned his death and came up with the idea of having him on the next Madden cover as a tribute to the man who helped create a lifelike football game for the masses to enjoy. It is not a player, as we have become accustomed to, but this should be a great thing that could happen. This feels like a special edition cover but allowing him to be the cover by himself is something that should happen.

2. Cooper Kupp


One of the biggest emergencies on a national level was Cooper Kupp last season. He won the NFL Triple Crown as a receiver by having the most receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns. He also won the Super Bowl MVP this season and has been dominant to do incredibly well. Giving a star-like Cooper Kupp the prominent feature of a Madden cover seems like the icing on the cake as he is a star and should be glorified with his outstanding play throughout the course of the regular season and postseason.

3. Travis Kelce


The Chiefs team still has an incredible offense and if they want to avoid going the traditional way of putting a quarterback on the cover of the video game. Kelce has been one of the most dominant tight ends in the league and Madden has had a tight end in Rob Gronkowski on the cover, so this is not breaking the mold. It feels like a major thing to do, especially after having his quarterback Patrick Mahomes on the cover with Tom Brady on the Madden 22 edition. Reward a guy for dominating while staying on just one franchise his entire career thus far.

4. Russell Wilson


With the quarterback carousel throughout the offseason, it could be a nice little touch to have Russell Wilson in his brand-new Denver Broncos jersey donning the cover. The orange Broncos jersey pops off the cover and that is something people in the sales world would love while Denver has a very loyal fanbase that would love to have someone on the cover. It also helps to have a great player that fans will recognize, and Wilson is expecting to dominate once again.


At the end of the day, it does not actually matter which person will be on the cover of Madden NFL 23 as it has nothing to do with the actual online gameplay for kids and adults. However, it is something that is pretty cool nonetheless when you see one of your favourite players on the cover of one of the most entertaining games in the calendar year. There are also multiple editions of the game that are released and have different covers, such as the Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes cover on the standard edition while Bo Jackson was on the “Bo Knows” Edition, so that could be where we see a John Madden cover.

However, if given a choice on who it should be, many would probably go with Russell Wilson. He represents the western part of the United States since playing with Seattle his entire career and now with Denver. He also has a winning pedigree and a brand-new team to be a part of, which makes him even more appealing than he ever has been. If not Wilson, many would like to see Cooper Kupp rewarded for an incredible NFL season. Hopefully, there is no Madden curse on this year’s cover, and we can have a great and entertaining football game to last the game’s life cycle.