May 17, 2024

4 Sustainable Wedding Ideas for your Big Day on a Cycladic Island


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Few destinations around the world can match the unique elegance of a Cycladic Island.

Its islands are surrounded by the Aegean Sea on all sides and mostly near the sacred island of Delos, revered as the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis.

No wonder these islands have become an ideal wedding destination for a lot of couples around the world.

Unfortunately, an increase in tourism in the region has caused problems with pollution and resource scarcity.

If you’re still looking to achieve your own dream destination wedding while keeping the beauty of these Greek islands, here are some sustainable wedding ideas on a Cycladic Island.

1. Source from local suppliers

source-from-local-suppliers-for-sustainable-weddingOf course, to make the most out of your Cycladic Island wedding, you have to make it as authentic as possible. Most islands in the Cyclades are still reachable by ferry. If you’re looking to have your wedding here, try to source as much material as possible from local suppliers. This way, you can save on transportation costs instead of shipping all your wedding paraphernalia from wherever, which also reduces the energy and waste generated to bring your stuff.

This includes flowers and other forms of botanical arrangements, which would most likely rely on local flower species that are native to the island. The same goes with food and drinks, giving you and your guests to enjoy the local delicacies with foods sourced locally. Since this will benefit local farmers and growers, these are more likely to be organically grown without the chemical pesticides from large-scale commercial farms. You can even find music and entertainment near the Cycladic Island of your choice. Not only will you save on costs, but you’ll also get a taste of the local art form and tradition.

2. Go natural

go-natural-for-sustainable-wedding-ideasTo complement the billowing waves and the eroded cliffs that is a common trait for a Cycladic Island, the best makeup, and design choice is to go natural. Heavy makeup doesn’t go well with the bright Aegean sun, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be at your most beautiful on your big day. Prepare well, get enough rest, and use soft palettes accented with earthy tones to bring that unique bridal glow to the altar.

The same considerations go with the dress and the hair; cliffside locations routinely experience strong winds. You wouldn’t want your elaborate hairdo thrown into a mess after a gust; opt for a more carefree and flowing hair arrangement. Try adding flowers for a wreath or a tiara for that earthy naturalist accent or herbs to the wedding bouquet.

This natural aesthetic also applies to your design options and props. Reusable signage is a better option instead of printed signs you’ll only use for this big day. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it also complements the location visually speaking.

3. Choose sustainably sourced gems

choose-sustainably-sourced-gems-for-sustainable-wedding-ideasWhile it traces its origins to one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time, diamonds have now become a woman’s best friend. Make sure the symbols of your love are as pure as the love they represent, perfect for the pristine surroundings and the spiritual value of the Cyclades. To do this, check where your diamonds and gemstones come from.

As early as shopping for your engagement ring to your wedding rings, try to see where they get their stones from. You wouldn’t want to offer a ring encrusted with a blood diamond, one that is sourced from war zones and used to perpetuate conflicts and forced labour in different parts of the world.

4. Choose a charity registry instead

choose-a-charity-registry-instead-for-sustainable-wedding-ideasLike many celebrations, weddings are a cause for gift-giving. However, if you feel you can do away with the material gifts, you and your betrothed can go for a charity registry instead. It benefits everyone in this win-win situation: the happy couple, the guests, and the beneficiaries of the charity you get to help. It creates a unique memory of a joyful occasion done with a selfless purpose.

Practically speaking, a big day on a Cycladic Island would save guests the effort of bringing gifts to the wedding and the couple bringing them home after. Everyone also gets to save potentially wasteful materials in packaging and gift wrapping. The couple also gets to choose where to donate, creating an opportunity to further causes close to their own hearts.


Having your big day doesn’t have to be harmful to the environment as more providers now offer sustainable accommodation and tourist options. Making conscious choices toward sustainability not only reduces your ecological footprint but also elevates your dream destination wedding at a Cycladic Island. With these sustainable wedding ideas, you can make the most out of your picturesque location, emphasize you’re natural glow, and create a day you’ll definitely remember for the rest of your lives.

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