May 18, 2024

The Best UK Minecraft Server Hosting Company And What It Offers

uk minecraft server hosting

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The UK is not far off from the top countries to play Minecraft, so lets take a look at the best UK Minecraft Server Hosting Company.

In this article we will be taking a look at SeekaHost UK Minecraft server hosting and see what they have to offer the UK in terms of service. What do they offer? What is the pricing like? The service received and other points too.

best uk minecraft server hosting

What Is a Minecraft Server?

With the open world theme that Minecraft has, its made it a perfect game to play with others. But not just others in your household but others anywhere in the world.

This has created a market for what is known as a Minecraft server. This is a self controlled world that you can rent and play with anyone else using a similar version to you. You simply create the world, adjust it to your liking and then play with others by sharing your server address.

This means you get complete control of your game and can end up growing a very large community of like minded people. There are also larger well know Minecraft servers such as The Hive, Mineplex and others. These all started from a small server and have worked there way up untill Minecraft wanted them as there main servers. So growing your server to a large level is always something server owners would of course love to be part of.
Whether its to become the biggest best server out there, or simply be able to play with your cousins in another country. You’ll Need a server, so lets look in to the Best UK Minecraft Server Hosting with SeekaHost.

Why Choose SeekaHost To Host Your Minecraft Server

SeekaHost, originating form a Domain/WordPress hosting company have fitted in well to the scene. With lots of previous knowledge of the hosting world, they quickly and efficiently have made vast improvements since first opening their online doors.

It appears they listen to advice left to them by customers and have improved aspects along the way, and seem to be steadily building. A lot of other server hosting companies tend to be based out of the UK meaning some servers can really be effected by bad gameplay.

This is why after some searching and testing we found SeekaHost to be the best UK Minecraft Hosting company. The UK isnt short of server hosting companies but most are small time, and due to the budget being smaller you end up with a few options. You either pay a higher price to get better features or you pay a cheap rate but then find out that your not able to do half the amount of things you were expecting as they dont have the service or you have to pay another fee to use it.

They provide the perfect balance between a great priced server, starting for as little as $4 to having all the features you might expect from a more premium hosting service.

Pricing For Minecraft Server Hosting with SeekaHost

As previously mentioned the servers start for as little as $4 for a Wooden Sword Package, this holds 12 players and has 2 GB of Ram for your server. This is one of the cheapest prices your able to pay to receive this service, not only in the UK but from most server hosting companies. And any with a price below this, arent worth investing your money it to.

uk minecraft server hosting

It then works its way up to a 16GB server and if thats not enough you an even push your limits with a 24GB server! Enough to play with a few hundred people.

best uk minecraft hosting

Mods and Modpacks For Your Minecraft Server

Some of the community plays mostly on modded servers, meaning they have added some modification that you can download. Added them to their server and are playing a modified version. Of course to do this you need a few things. A server that can be changed to suit the server type. For example if you have mods for a Forge 1.16.5 then you need the server to have available the relevant jar for you to choose.

SeekaHost has kept this simple and with a few clicks I had cleared away any old files and installed the correct server jar that I needed. Once done I logged into my FTP Files access area and uploaded a few mods. I also tested the compatibility with other ftp clients such as FileZilla and found it was easy to connect and upload larger files this way.

Next up the Modpacks, although it may seem like a small selection at first that are on the 1 click modpack installation. After speaking to one of the team through customer support, it turns out they have got some of the most popular mods getting installed and tested as we speak. They also informed me that I can ask them to install any modpack in the mean time that I wanted and all for free. Simply send them a ticket and they will help you set it up.

Customer Support and Resolving Problems

With SeekaHost I found that I was able to contact someone and get a fairly swift answer back. They also seem to have a fair understand of Minecraft from a players point of view. I have personally experienced a time when I used another hosting company that I wont name, spent 3 months building a server with my kids. To find it completely gone one day, and the support team didnt help me and infact seemed quite angry at me for asking for the help.

This is quite a contrast to SeekaHost friendly attitude and respect for your game and precious worlds you spend so long creating, its what makes the difference between just a  business and a business that cares for its customers.

Why SeekaHost Is the Best UK Minecraft Server Hosting Provider

After my experience with them, I would gladly recommend them to anyone. From ca friendly customer service, to great features not offered in all other hosting. I’m happy to say its the best in the UK and in time maybe even over the world.

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