June 16, 2024

Wall Decals – The Latest Decorating Trends

Wall Decals

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You often see them in baby and children’s rooms, but they can actually be used in any room you can imagine. As long as you stick them to a smooth surface, they’re perfect. You can also stick them on furniture or tiled walls. More and more people realise that practical wall decorations such as cool wall stickers are a great solution both at home and in the office. There is a large selection and even the possibility to design your own wall stickers. In this way, you can personalise each room to the maximum and customise the decoration according to your needs.

Wall Decals – The Latest Decorating Trends

Beautiful Overall

Wall decals looks Beautiful Overall

Unlike wall decorations such as photo frames or paintings, wall stickers blend beautifully with the wall. In fact, the difference between the sticker and the wall is barely noticeable because they look like a picture painted on the wall. This is partly because stickers do not have transparent surfaces and have a matte finish. Especially if you want to cover a large wall, a wall sticker can be a good option. You can fill exactly the space you want with stickers without it seeming cluttered, as is sometimes the case with large paintings or a collection of photo frames.

Metamorphosis With a Minimum of Time and Money

Wall stickers show that you can achieve a great interior makeover with very little effort. You want to give a room a new look but don’t have the time and money or inclination for a drastic renovation? Another advantage is that they are lightweight and can usually be ordered online in any size. This way you can get started quickly and it doesn’t take much effort to apply an unusual wall sticker.

Personalisation Service

If you decide that you want a personalised design, designed by you from scratch or you want to personalise a design that you have liked, this is also possible with most sticker companies. You can change the number, the name and the colour to your liking, and then you can get custom stickers to your liking.

Quick Application Process

Quick Application Process

Self-adhesive wall decals require no instructions. They can be applied to any flat, hard surface as long as it is free of dust and grease. Dust and grease, as well as uneven surfaces, can prevent the sticker from sticking properly. Moisture is also not good for a lasting effect. If you have recently painted the walls in a room, let them dry for a few weeks before applying the sticker.

Functional and Distinctive

When we furnish our first flat or move to a new place, furnishing it is particularly difficult. It is important not only to furnish a room or house in a functional way, but also to add cosines and personality to it. Furniture and equipment consume a large part of our budget, so it is worth investing in slightly cheaper decorations. Don’t forget about practical wall stickers. This way you can be sure that your room will not be decorated in a boring way.